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How to freeze your leftover Easter Chocolate 

How to freeze your leftover Easter Chocolate 

Chocolate Easter eggs can be a lovely treat at Easter. But not 10 of them!! Over the years I have tried to push the idea that instead of an Easter egg, family gifts an experience or now that my kids are a little older they would prefer the cash in hand! 

Chocolate will last for a good amount of time but if you prefer to lock it away out of site. Consider freezing it and then using it in baking. This will increase the shelf life of the chocolate by up to 50%. 

  1. Airtight Containers: Store your chocolate in airtight Mummy Cooks Portion Pots. The Adult Pots are the perfect size, or for larger amount use our Double Child Portion Pots.
  2. Refrigerate: Place it in the fridge first for about an hour. Drastic temperatures changes can result in condensation and alter the appearance and texture.
  3. Label & Freeze: Place in the freezer making sure to label with contents and date. 
How to defrost:
When you remove your chocolate, allow it to defrost in the fridge overnight. The process of freezing will result in condensation and texture issues. You are now ready to use it in baking or as a treat.

Recipes to use your leftover chocolate:

My chocolate spread is a great one for using up that chocolate - it's fab to pop on the top of pancakes, a real weekend treat. 

Another great option for your frozen chocolate are these rice crispy treats, a slightly more healthy take on the usual rice crispy buns!


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