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Making mealtimes more enjoyable

Making mealtimes enjoyable is key to encouraging your fussy eater to accept a food.

This blog series discusses how to make mealtimes enjoyable in 5 steps.


  • Step 1 - Evening and dinner routine
  • Step 2 - Offering food, and what to do if your child refuses a food
  • Step 3 - Allowing toys
  • Step 4 - The art of distraction
  • Step 5 - Getting your child involved in meal preparation


Breakfast Ideas For Toddler

From speaking with parents over the years I have found that breakfast ideas for a baby or toddler appear to be one of the major struggles for some families. Remember, you do not have to prepare separate breakfasts for different family members - you can all have the same breakfast, just serve it to suit your baby.

You may have a “safe” breakfast which you serve day after day as you know this is the one thing your child will eat, or your child refuses breakfast regularly. The key is to continue to offer breakfast every day and try to have a variety of breakfast ideas up your sleeve.

toddler drinking glass of milk

Switching from formula to cow's milk

When your formula fed baby turns 1 it's time to begin making the switch from formula to whole (full-fat) milk. Your 1 year old will need this extra fat to support brain development and the nutritional composition of whole milk will be better suited to your young child’s needs than formula. 


  • How to make the change
  • How much milk to offer
  • Using a cup or beaker

Silicone training spoon teether, pink teether

Developing your toddler's utensil skills

Using utensils takes more fine motor control and coordination than most toddlers have. In fact some children will not master the use of cutlery until the age of four. With a little planning, patience and positive attitude parents can successfully introduce and encourage their toddler to use their utensils. Teaching your child to use utensils will increase motor development and aid in progressing their pincer grasp.


  • 10 tips for developing your toddler's utensil skills
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Suitable Drinks For Babies & Children

Not all drinks are suitable for babies and young children. Here at Mummy Cooks we have given you a simple guide on what drinks you should be giving your child. The following blog explains what to give to your child and when.


  • Milk and formula
  • Water
  • Fruit Juices
  • Squashes, flavoured milk, sugary/fizzy drinks
  • Hot Drinks
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