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      ABOUT US

      We come from humble beginnings, starting with our weaning classes led by Siobhan Berry out of her home kitchen. We're proud of how far we've come and all the families we've helped along the way.


      Siobhan started her weaning classes as a way of helping other parents establish healthy eating habits and good nutrition for their babies. As word spread, so did demand and soon she was running a series of tailored classes to meet the nutritional and developmental needs of different ages - from baby’s first solids to healthy eating habits for toddlers.


      Helping parents and caregivers embrace healthy eating is at the heart of our passion for Mummy Cooks. Through Mummy Cooks, our aim is to give mums and dads the confidence, skills and know-how needed to raise healthy and adventurous eaters, who, in turn, will have a lifelong appreciation for good food.

      What started out as a cookery class from Siobhan’s kitchen in 2013 is now an award-winning global business selling a range of online courses, feeding solutions and three published recipe books.  

      "I’m a first time mother and I searched everywhere for the right solution. I found Mummy Cooks and purchased the family and weaning pots, flasks and cook book on your site. I just want to say a huge THANK YOU for all you do to help us to wean our babies as I didn’t know where to start and it’s so so daunting. Now I’m way more confident in what I give my daughter and the pots are a godsend! Keep up the great work!" Elizabeth


      "I have always had a passion for healthy food and loved to get into the kitchen as often as I could when growing up. I come from a long line of entrepreneurs so business is definitely in the blood. I started off my career as a portfolio manager but had a dream of someday owning my own business. 

      Along came Ashleigh, my first daughter and after struggling with breastfeeding I found I had more control over the weaning process and really enjoyed the experience. I lived for the sheer excitement of when food was coming to her or her little scrunched up face when she wasn’t so fond of a particular food. Weaning is a journey and one I loved experiencing with Ashleigh. 

      I started Mummy Cooks almost 5 years later after I had my second daughter Jessica. I initially ran weaning classes from my kitchen and then grew into an online business selling feeding solutions throughout Ireland and beyond. To this day I have never forgotten why I started Mummy Cooks and that is to help parents as they embark on their feeding journey with their children."

      Siobhan is certified in infant nutrition, and SOS is trained for strategies on feeding fussy or problem eaters. 

      Her first book, "Baby & Family; cook for family, adapt for baby" was released in 2018, was a huge success and has been hailed by parents as a weaning bible, Siobhan has since released a second version of this book. She also released her second book, "Lunchbox Made Easy", to similar acclaim. 

      Siobhan is a familiar face on Irish TV and media and makes regular appearances on Ireland AM breakfast television show promoting tasty and healthy dishes for families. 

      She lives in Dublin, Ireland, with her husband Dave and daughters Ashleigh & Jessica. 

      our philosophy

      Our philosophy is simple: Cook for family, Adapt for baby.

      We believe the path to raising a happy, healthy and adventurous eater stems from introducing family meals from the start, and creating a happy eating environment so your child feels comfortable and encouraged to try a variety of foods.

      Our Sustainability Goal

      We want to help families develop life-long healthy habits and make more sustainable choices when it comes to mealtimes. We aim to provide the resources needed to plan and portion meals in a way that encourages healthy eating, saves time and money, and reduces food waste.