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8 Healthy Snacks for Kids & Family

8 Healthy Snacks for Kids & Family

For many families, snack time tends to be when we give in to the temptations of unhealthy store-bought foods to get us through the day, many of which can be extremely high in salt and sugar. However, with the right recipes and a bit of extra time in the kitchen, you can whip up enough snacks to keep you and your family fuelled and well fed! These healthy, nutrient-packed snack recipes are a huge hit with my family, and are perfect for your school-going children and as a finger food for your weaning baby. Take some time over the weekend to batch cook your snacks and store them in your Mummy Cooks portion pots to keep them lovely and fresh all week long! 

You can find loads of the snack recipes below and even more in my Baby and Family Recipe Book!

Banana and Berry Muffins

My Banana and Berry Muffins have to be one of the most popular recipes from my book. Packed full of fresh fruit and super low in sugar, they are great as a healthy snack for the school lunch and can be a fun alternative to the usual breakfast. Pack them in the portion pots from our adorable range of lunch sets!  Find the recipe here.

If you like this recipe, go check my Apple and Banana Muffins and Carrot Cake Muffins for a tasty treat!

Vegetable Egg Muffins

Every time I make these muffins for my girls, they absolutely devour them! I am always trying to find new ways to get more veg into their diets, so this is definitely one of my go-to recipes! Perfect packed in as a snack for the school lunch, and you can even send them in lovely and warm in the food flask. Find the recipe here.

If you and your family like the taste of these, you will absolutely love my Mac and Cheese Muffins!

Cauliflower Cheese Bites

Looking for a tasty snack that takes 25 minutes to make? Well, my Cauliflower and Cheese bites will be a winner! Perfect for on the go, a great addition to the lunch box and as a finger food for your weaning baby, my cheesy cauliflower bites are great for all occasions. Find the recipe here

Banana Pancakes

I have always struggled getting my girls to eat bananas, but they absolutely love these pancakes! All you need to make these pancakes is 3 ingredients and you'll get them cooked and ready to eat in a mere 10 minutes! I like to whip up a batch as a tasty afternoon snack for when they come home from school. Serve with berries and natural yoghurt for a filling snack. Find the recipe here.

Have a look inside my Baby and Family Recipe Book to find a whole section on pancake recipes your family will absolutely adore!


Frozen Yoghurt Fruit Bark

This yummy frozen treat is a fun and refreshing snack for kids and adults alike. Super quick and packed with fresh ingredients, this recipe is a great alternative to ice cream and my girls love helping me out in the kitchen. This is a super versatile recipe so feel free to try out different toppings depending on what your family loves. A gorgeous after-school treat! Find the recipe here.


Coconut Bites

Do you love coconut as much as I do? Well, if you do then these Coconut Bites are the snack for you! Made from just 3-ingredients, these sugar-free treats are a great alternative to shop bought Bounty Bars. Your little ones will love helping you make them, so why not get them in the kitchen after school and involved in the baking. Find the recipe here.

Baked Sweet Potato Tots

I love sweet potato, so am always finding new ways to incorporate it into my family recipes. These Baked Sweet Potato Tots require only 2 ingredients, so are the perfect snack to batch cook and store to enjoy any day of the week! Serve them with some homemade Tomato Sauce for a tasty treat. Find the recipe here.

For something different, why not give my Broccoli Tots a go! 

Roasted Chickpeas

In need of a healthy alternative to shop-bought crisps? Well look no further! Perfectly crunchy and spiced, these roasted chickpeas are a delicious, healthy midday snack and a great way to introduce new textures to your weaning baby. Find the recipe here.


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