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    by siobhan berry

    In her first and highly anticipated recipe book, Siobhan lays out all her advice and recipes that she has curated through years of experience in teaching weaning classes. Her philosophy is simple: Cook for family, adapt for baby. The book includes invaluable step-by-step advice to raising a happy healthy eater, and more than 100 delicious recipes that are baby and family friendly. 

    inside you'll find:

    • Step-by-step portion and texture guide to wean your baby from 4 months to 12 months, with options for traditional and baby led weaning

    • Detailed information on how to introduce all food groups, including gluten, meat, fish, dairy, and more

    • More than 100 delicious and simple recipes that are baby and family friendly

    • Batch Cooking Tips to save time in the kitchen

    • Weaning checklist, tips for preparation and storage of food, seasonal calendar, gagging and choking information

    • Tips on preventing and dealing with fussy eaters

    Baby and Family Recipe Book


    €16.99 EUR

    10% of profits will be donated to the National Maternity Hospital Foundation.

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