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Back to School Lunch Ideas for 1 Month

Back to School Lunch Ideas for 1 Month

If you're a busy parent who struggles to come up with lunchbox ideas and easy recipes that your children will love, you don't want to miss on Back to School Lunch Ideas for 1 Month!

I've put together a list of 25 great lunchbox recipes to last you a whole month/5 weeks! I hope your children will love these as much as mine do. Lots of these recipes can easily be whipped up in less than 30 minutes and are budget-friendly and baby-friendly if you also have little ones in the family. They're also great for picky eaters and make changing things up in your child's packed lunch so easy!

Enjoy these recipes on-the-go in products like our Food Flasks, Portion Pots and Food Travel Set.

1. Chicken Pesto Courgetti
So easy to whip up and requires minimal prep and ingredients. Plus this recipe is a great finger food for baby-led weaning. 

2. Green Veggie Pasta Sauce 
A simple and easy way to get more veggies into your family's diet. Find this recipe in my 20 Flask Recipes eBook.

3. One-Pot Veggie Lasagne
Delicious and hearty; even the biggest of meat-eaters will love this dish and won't know the difference! 

4. Sweetcorn and Courgette Fritters
The combination of sweetcorn, courgette and cheese makes these fritters a delicious meal for the whole family, including baby!

5. Tuna Pasta Salad
Requires only 5 ingredients and is perfect served warm or cool! Find this recipe in my 20 Flask Recipes eBook.

6. Mozzarella Pesto Melt Sandwich
A fun and easy take on the usual sandwich. Plus it's also a great way to use up any leftover cheese you might have and you can bulk this up with your choice of veggies. Find this recipe in my Lunchbox Made Easy Recipe Book


7. Quick Chicken Curry
Ready in 20 minutes and another great flask-friendly recipe that baby can enjoy too. 

8. Pea and Pesto Fettuccine
Perfect for lunches and a great batch cook option! It's a great vegetarian recipe if you are strapped for time and need a quick and easy meal that you can also take on-the-go. 

9. Lemon Herb Chicken Couscous
The perfect combination of hearty chicken and fresh, zesty lemon. Find this recipe in my 20 Flask Recipes eBook.

10. One-Pot Fish Curry
The perfect 20-minute recipe to enjoy year-round. The garlic and curry spices used in this dish will also help to ward off colds, making this delicious recipe perfect for wet and windy days.

11. Coconut Chicken Noodle Soup
Another yummy recipe that's perfect for offering a range of veggies to your family! Keep warm on-the-go in our food flasks

12. Quick Bolognese
This easy and flask-friendly recipe will be loved by all, including picky eaters! As so many children adore Spaghetti Bolognese, this is a wonderful dish to use to encourage them to eat all of their lunch.

13. Cauliflower Mac 'n' Cheese
You can add extra vegetables into almost any dish, and Mac 'n' Cheese is no exception! My girls love this healthier version that doesn't take away from the yummy, cheesy flavours.  

14. Mediterranean Pita Pocket
This delicious greek-inspired recipe is full of nutrients and super easy to make. For extra protein, you can add in lean meats like chicken or tuna. Find this recipe in my Lunchbox Made Easy Recipe Book. 

15. Avocado and Grapefruit Salad
Have this easy salad ready in 5 minutes! Perfect for summer and makes a satisfying and balanced meal when paired with recipes like our Ham, Corn and Cheese Muffins from our Muffin eBook. 

16. Salmon Pasta with Courgetti
Full of nutrients and a great way to get veggies like courgette into your family's diet. Salmon is full of omega-3; aiding brain health and development for your child while they're on-the-go at school!

17. Roasted Red Pepper and Sweetcorn Pasta Salad
Any variation of pasta salad is a big hit in my family and I love it because it can be consumed warm or cold! Find this recipe in my Lunchbox Made Easy Recipe Book

18. Chicken Fajitas
This recipe is super easy to throw together and is a perfectly balanced meal with lots of protein and nutrients from the chicken and veggies. 

19. Beef and Lentil Ragu
Packed with essential nutrients and vitamins like iron, protein and lots of fibre. Find this recipe in my Batch Cooking eBook.

20. Pea and Prawn Risotto
This creamy prawn and pea risotto is deliciously family friendly, easy to prepare and perfect for your weaning baby as well! 

21. Salmon Fish Cakes 
These tasty fish cakes are easy to make and you can get the kids involved in the preparation too! Keep these warm on-the-go in our food flasks

22. Sweet Potato and Parsley Scones
Delicious on their own and even better when paired with dips like salsa or our Pistachio Pesto. You can freeze extra scones for up to 3 months too!

23. Broccoli and Cauliflower Mac 'n' Cheese Muffins
Cheesy, satisfying and packed with flavour, these muffins are super easy to make, require minimal ingredients and they’re perfect for lunchboxes! Make the cooking and cleaning process so much easier with our Silicone Muffin Trays. 

24. Hearty Vegetarian Cottage Pie
My girls are always asking for warm comfort food, especially in the cooler months, and this recipe is the perfect excuse to get creative in the kitchen and add extra veggies into our meals!

25. Quick Fried Rice 
Ready in less than 20 minutes, this quick fried rice recipe is great to batch cook and send in in our food flasks
Find this recipe in my 20 Flask Recipes eBook.

Check out my 4 Week Lunch Plan for easy, planned school-friendly lunches that will save you time and effort in the kitchen and that your children will love! Full of more yummy recipes like the ones above and packed with expert advice to help you during the back-to-school period!  


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