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    Raising Happy healthy eaters

    What you can expect

    • Learn to be confident when feeding your baby

    • Learn how to offer family meals as early as six months

    • Follow easy feeding schedules  

    • What weaning looks like at 6 months

    • How and what best fingers foods to introduce

    • Learn how to introduce allergenic foods to your baby

    • How to avoid having a fussy eater

    Additional features


    • Siobhan will demonstrate how to cook for your baby from first purées to family foods


     • Siobhan be available for a Q&A throughout the class 

     • Enjoy refreshments on arrival 

     • Taste test all foods prepared on the day and understand the perfect texture for your baby. 

     • Meet other parents who are on the feeding journey with you 

     • Included in the class is a booklet with all the material covered in the class and additional recipes to get you started 

     • Discounts on selected Mummy Cooks products that will help you along the way 

    Intensive Baby Weaning Classes

    What this package includes

    • 2 1/2 hr Cooking Demonstration
    • Weaning Booklet

    • Interactive Class

    Intensive Baby Weaning Class Bundle

    What this package includes

    Upcoming course:

    Tuesday 5th May 2020


    Frequently asked questions

    Where does the class take place?

    Kal Kitchen Accessories Ltd, 4078 Kingswood Road, Citywest Business Campus, Dublin 24. Get directions here

    I purchased the class bundle when do I receive my products?

    Your products will be available for you at the class. We will have a table set up where you can come and pick up your products.

    Will there be products available at the class?

    Yes, we will have the following products available at the class. If you wish to purchase any additional products from the Mummy Cooks range please email with your request. 

    • Starter Weaning Set 

    • 6m+ Weaning Set 

    • 9m+ Weaning Set 

    • ThermoSpoon 

    • Baby & Family Recipe Book 

    • Lunchbox Made Easy 

     • Footsi.

    What age does my baby need to be to start a Mummy Cooks Class?

    You can start the class at any age as Mummy Cooks will be able to answer all your weaning related questions; setting you up for a fuss free weaning journey with your baby. Any food prepared and provided to you in the class can be frozen and can be kept in the freezer for up to three months.  

    If I miss a class can I make it up?

    We have a 6 day cancellation notice on our weaning class. Be sure to get in touch with us at to let us know if you need to cancel.

    How do I pay for a weaning class?  

    You can make an online payment to us safely by credit/debit card. A confirmation email will then be sent to confirm your place on the course.

    Are vouchers available for Mummy Cooks?  

    Yes, vouchers are available and are redeemable against all Mummy Cooks classes. You can shop for weaning class vouchers here. Alternatively we have Mummy Cooks vouchers that can be used against products and classes check these out here.

    Can I bring my baby along to the class?  

    Baby in arms are more than welcome to the class. There will be a changing table available.

    My baby needs constant attention. Will I be able to take part in the class?

    The format of the class will allow you to spend as much time with your baby as needed. The class is run as a demonstration so you will not be involved in the cooking.

    I have a history of allergies and need to introduce foods slowly. Will this be a problem?

    All ingredients will be listed in the day’s notes or handouts.If you have concerns, please email us at with enough notice prior to the class and we where possible, we will try to exclude foods that your baby may be allergic to.

    Can Daddy Cooks attend the class?  

    Of course! Although we are called ‘Mummy Cooks’ we more than welcome and love that Daddy would like to attend our class.

    About Siobhan berry

    Siobhan has become synonymous with weaning and feeding recipes and advice both online, in print and media. In the Mummy Cooks Academy Siobhan lays out all her advice and recipes that she has curated through her years of experience teaching weaning classes. Our ‘Starting Your Baby’s Feeding Journey’ course specifically focuses on introducing your baby to solid food. 

    Siobhan is SOS trained in strategies on feeding fussy or problem eaters and has a certificate in infant nutrition. Siobhan also engages with experts to give a full 360 view on feeding young children, and all advice given is in line with HSE and NHS guidelines. 

    Siobhan will be your knowledgeable guide as you begin to wean your baby onto solid food. She describes in detail all aspects of feeding, including how and when to start, moving on at six months and how to prevent a fussy eater.

    As a course participant, each week you will be able to engage with Siobhan through our Facebook Live session - available for course participants only. We also run a weekly Q&A on Instagram Stories every Wednesday 10-11. Our Starting Your Baby’s Feeding Journey course gives you the best start when weaning your baby! 

    Happy Feeding 


    Kal Kitchen Accessories

    Kal Kitchen Accessories Ltd, 4078 Kingswood Road, Citywest Business Campus, Dublin 24

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