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Academy Starting to Wean plus Webinar

Academy Starting to Wean plus Webinar

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Our Mummy Cooks™ Academy online Weaning courses set you up for weaning success. This course is perfect for a parent starting to feed their baby. Learn when and how to start feeding your baby. This course includes a 4 week course that you can take at any time and includes our Weaning Webinar (Live recording). 

  • Are you anxious about introducing solid food to your baby? 
  • Are you confused about weaning methods and which are best for you?
  • Are you unsure as to how much food and what foods to offer your baby?
  • Do you know how to safely prepare, and batch cook your baby’s food?

    What you can expect

    • Learn how to wean your baby from the comfort of your home, and be confident when feeding your baby
    • Included in this package is a Live recorded Webinar by Siobhan with real time questions from parents. 
    • Learn how to offer family meals as early as six months and safely prepare and batch cook meals
    • Follow easy feeding schedules  
    • What weaning looks like at 6 months
    • Learn the differences between choking and gagging 
    • How to avoid having a fussy eater
    • This course helps ease worries about introducing solid foods
    • If you are unsure as to how much food and what foods to offer your baby this class is for you

    Course Content

    Week 1:
    Starting to Wean: How and what to feed
    Starting to wean your baby
    Signs your baby is ready
    Quantity and portion guide 4-6 months
    How to start feeding your baby
    First foods: vegetables to prepare
    First foods: mixing purées
    Feeding schedule 4-6 months
    How to Safely Prepare Baby Food
    Before you start
    Cooling and freezing rules
    Defrosting and reheating baby food
    Food safety when out and about

    Week 2:
    Products you will need
    Weaning checklist
    Best spoons to use with Paediatric Occupational Therapist
    Best beakers to use with Paediatric Occupational Therapist
    How to sit a child in a highchair with Paediatric Occupational Therapist
    Preparing Baby Food
    First food recipes
    Steaming vegetables
    Roasting vegetables
    Mixing vegetables
    Your Baby's Milk Feeds and Weaning
    Breastfeeding: How to incorporate new foods and continue breastfeeding
    Bottle feeds: How to incorporate new foods and bottle feeds

    Week 3:
    What weaning looks like at 6 months
    Giving your baby control
    Introducing texture from 6 months
    Recipes to introduce texture
    Portion guide 6-12 months
    Introducing allergenic foods
    Introducing allergenic foods
    Allergy symptoms and what signs to look for
    Schedule to introduce allergenic foods
    Recipes to introduce allergenic foods

    Week 4:
    Dental care with Paediatric Dentist
    Teething with Paediatric Dentist
    Soothers, thumb sucking and beakers with Paediatric Dentist
    Dietician talk on best foods for your baby

    How to access this course:
    The course is accessible through your phone or tablet with no time limit to view.

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    Ireland Ireland

    Very Useful

    I am a first time mum, and all your information and products have really helped me on this weaning journey with my little girl

    Tara M.
    Ireland Ireland

    Highly recommend

    I would highly recommend mummy cooks weaning classes. When my baby was reaching 5 months I was getting nervous about hearing the weaning word everywhere. I was a little overwhelmed with all the information available and to be honest I didn’t know where to even start. Than I came across Mummy Cooks 4 week weaning class. Week by week the classes were all structured and after viewing the classes I am much more confident about feeding my baby. A couple of things I was scared about were finger food and introducing allergens. After watching the videos on these classes I have gained a lot more confidence and introducing these to my baby went smoothly. I would highly recommend especially if your not confident about the weaning process.

    Marie R.
    Ireland Ireland

    Definitely a 5 star course!

    Grace is my 3rd girl and we learnt so much from the course. The online videos and tutorials were so helpful. I never realised the importance of having a footrest on the high chair and also the importance of introducing the beaker so early. It was a really informative class. The allergen section in particular helped me as my girl has a cows milk protein allergy. I will definitely be recommending it to all my friends

    Ireland Ireland

    Excellent course

    As a first time dad I was really interested in learning more about the best way to introduce my daughter to solid foods. I like to think I’m pretty handy in the kitchen and really enjoy cooking, but I’d no idea of what was involved in weaning. This is where the Mummy Cooks online course came in really useful. I could watch the videos and read the supporting text as and when I had time and I was big into the idea of batch cooking healthy meals that we could all eat.

    A little about us

    Hi, I'm Siobhan!

    I'm a Mum of two girls with a passion for nutritious, home cooked food. When I started to feed my first daughter Ashleigh, I loved to batch cook her baby food. It frustrated me that it wan't easy to get hold of decent quantity, practical little pots without them costing the earth. I therefore decided to create the best solution for portioning and freezing food.

    I set up Mummy Cooks as a way of inspiring, educating and empowering parents to feed their children healthy, home cooked food.

    Learn More

    Our Weaning Pots

    Our Weaning Sets include all the portion sizes you need to support each stage of your baby's feeding journey. You will have plenty to batch cook and freeze portions for later use; so you can spend less time in the kitchen and more time having fun with your baby. They're also perfect for carrying snacks when out and about.

    We hope you enjoy our pots and that our products help you give your child a love of nutritious home cooked food... just like I've given my two girls.

    Happy Feeding!

    Siobhan Berry

    Weaning Pots

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