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      Raising Happy healthy eaters

      What you can expect

      • Learn to be confident when feeding your baby

      • Learn how to offer family meals as early as six months

      • Follow easy feeding schedules  

      • What weaning looks like at 6 months

      • How to avoid having a fussy eater

      • Learn how to introduce allergenic foods to your baby

      • Video based learning in your own time

      Additional features

      • Our experts include a Paediatric Occupational Therapist, Paediatric Dentist and a Dietitian to help guide you along
      • Join a community of parents who are on the feeding journey with you 

      • Included in your course are all the recipes you need to get started 

      • Discounts on selected Mummy Cooks products that will help you along the wa

      Course contents

      Week 1

      Starting to Wean: How and what to feed 


      -Starting to wean your baby 

      -Signs your baby is ready

      -Quantity and portion guide 4-6 months 

      -How to start feeding your baby 

      -First foods: vegetables to prepare 

      -First foods: mixing purées 

      -Feeding schedule 4-6 months 

       How to Safely Prepare Baby Food 

      -Before you start 

      -Cooling and freezing rules 

      -Defrosting and reheating baby food 

      -Food safety when out and about

      Week 2

      Products you will need 

      -Weaning checklist 

      -Best spoons to use with Paediatric Occupational Therapist 

      -Best beakers to use with Paediatric Occupational Therapist 

      -How to sit a child in a highchair with Paediatric Occupational Therapist 

       Preparing Baby Food 

      -First food recipes

      -Steaming vegetables 

      -Roasting vegetables 

      -Mixing vegetables

      Your Baby's Milk Feeds and Weaning 

      -Breastfeeding: How to incorporate new foods and continue breastfeeding 

      -Bottle feeds: How to incorporate new foods and bottle feeds

      Week 3

       -What weaning looks like at 6 months 

      -Giving your baby control 

      -Introducing texture from 6 months 

      -Recipes to introduce texture 

      -Portion guide 6-12 months 

      Introducing allergenic foods 

      -Introducing allergenic foods

      -Allergy symptoms and what signs to look for

      -Schedule to introduce allergenic foods 

      -Recipes to introduce allergenic foods

      Week 4

      Finger Foods & Baby Led Weaning 

      -Introducing finger food 

      -Adapting recipes as finger foods 

      -Choking and gagging 

      -Finger food recipes 


      -Dental care with Paediatric Dentist 

      -Teething with Paediatric Dentist 

      -Soothers, thumb sucking and beakers with Paediatric Dentist 

      -Dietician talk on best foods for your baby


      -Frequently asked weaning questions

      Starting your baby's feeding journey basic package

      What this package includes

      • 4 Week Weaning Course

      • Downloadable Guides

      • Feeding Schedules

      What this package includes

      Starting your baby's feeding journey combo package

      What this package includes

      • 50% off 2nd course

      • 4 Week Weaning Course

      • 6-12m Weaning Course

      • Downloadable Guides

      • Feeding Schedules

      Frequently asked questions

      How long do I have access to the course

      You will have an additional 8 weeks after the course ends

      What age should my baby be to start this course? 

      We think it is best to start the course when your baby is aged between 0 and 6 months. As this course covers starting your feeding journey if your baby is 7 months you will not find it as beneficial. We will be launching a follow on course about weaning from 6 months coming soon so keep an eye out and sign up to register your interest below.

      How do I access the course? Can I access it on my mobile? 

      You can access the course via or alternatively you can download the app (we would suggest you do). At the moment the app is only available on IOS, however you can still access it via your phone through the website.


      Yes, of course as soon as you purchase the course you will gain access. You will have 12 weeks to complete the course. 

      Can I join the course from anywhere in the world and will the guidelines be the same?

      Yes, you can join the course from anywhere in the world. There are some differences from country to country in terms of foods however most of the advice is research based and applies to any child, so we would love to have you on board. 

      Can I check out in my own currency?

      We currently accept payment in EUR and GBP

      What is your refund policy?

      Once you are granted access to the course materials you waive the right to cancellation and refund. We cannot offer partial refunds to students who do not finish a course. In the event that you are unable to complete the course within the intended time period, please contact to discuss an extension.

      About Siobhan berry

      Siobhan has become synonymous with weaning and feeding recipes and advice both online, in print and media. In the Mummy Cooks Academy Siobhan lays out all her advice and recipes that she has curated through her years of experience teaching weaning classes. Our ‘Starting Your Baby’s Feeding Journey’ course specifically focuses on introducing your baby to solid food. 

      Siobhan is SOS trained in strategies on feeding fussy or problem eaters and has a certificate in infant nutrition. Siobhan also engages with experts to give a full 360 view on feeding young children, and all advice given is in line with HSE and NHS guidelines. 

      Siobhan will be your knowledgeable guide as you begin to wean your baby onto solid food. She describes in detail all aspects of feeding, including how and when to start, moving on at six months and how to prevent a fussy eater.

      We run a weekly Q&A on Instagram Stories every Wednesday 10-11. Our Starting Your Baby’s Feeding Journey course gives you the best start when weaning your baby! 

      Happy Feeding 


      Mummy Cooks Academy

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