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    Raise Happy, healthy eaters

    What you can expect

    • Learn to be confident when feeding your baby

    • Learn how to offer family meals to your baby

    • Learn how to successfully introduce finger foods

    • Follow easy feeding schedules for the first year

    • What weaning looks like at 9 months

    • How to avoid having a fussy eater

    • Video based learning in your own time

    Additional features

    • You will have access to our closed Facebook Group where Siobhan will answer your questions

    • Each month Siobhan will do a live session with you. 

    •  Join our Q&A over on Instagram stories every week to ask your questions about weaning or learn from others

    • Our experts include an Paediatric Occupational Therapist, Paediatric dentist and a Dietitian to help guide you along

    • Join a community of parents who are on the feeding journey with you 

    • Included in your course are all the recipes you need to get started

    •  Access all Mummy Cooks products that will help you along the way

    Course contents

    Module 1

    Introduction to the course

    - How to access our facebook closed group sessions 

    - Advice on completing the course

    module 2

    Weaning at six months

    - How to move from a runny purée to more texture at six months

    Module 3

    Weaning at nine months

    - What weaning a baby from nine months looks like 

    module 4

    Feeding Schedules and Portion guides

    Baby 6-9m
    - Feeding schedule 6-9m
    - Batch Cooking guide
    - Example routine
    - Portioning 6-9m

    Baby 9-12m
    - Feeding schedule 9-12
    - Batch Cooking guide
    - Example routine
    - Portioning 9-12m

    module 5

    Adding texture to your baby's meals

    - Why its important
    - How to increase texture
    - Troubleshooting when baby doesn't accept
    - What foods add texture
    - Adding meat to your baby's meals
    - Adding fish to your baby's meals
    - Adding pasta, grains and pulses to your baby's meals

    module 6

    How to successfully wean your baby

    - How to offer control with purée
    - How to offer variety
    - How to avoid having a fussy eater
    - Cook for family, adapt for baby 

    - Recipes

    module 7

    Finger Food & Baby led Weaning

    - How to offer finger food 

    - Gagging & Choking 

    - Different foods adapted as finger food 

    - Vegetables as finger foods 

    - Fruit as a finger food 

    - Pasta as a finger food 

    - Meat as a finger food 

    - Recipes

    module 8

    Introducing Snacks

    - How and when to introduce snacks
    - Snack recipes and ideas

    module 9

    Traveling with your baby

    - Out and About 

    - Preparing to travel with your child 

    - Feeding your child while on holiday

    - Feeding your child while out and about

    module 10

    What feeding at 1 year + looks like 

    - Milk 

    - Iron 

    - Family meals 

    - Expert advice from our Dietitian 

    module 11

    Troubleshooting Q&A

    - Discussing most common questions

    module 12

    Weaning Resources 

    - How to safely prepare your baby's food 

    - Weaning Checklist 

    - Allergenic foods 

    - Handy foods for weaning 

    - Your baby's milk feeds and weaning 

    - Breastfeeding 

    - Bottle-feeding 

    What this package includes

    • 6-12m Weaning Course

    • Downloadable Guides

    • Feeding Schedules

    • Facebook Group Consultation

    What this package includes

    • 6-12m Weaning Course

    • Downloadable Guides

    • Feeding Schedules

    • Facebook Group Consultation

    • 10% off Weaning Bundle

    • Weaning pots 6-7m (20 pots 1 size)

    • Weaning pots 7-8m (20 pots 1 size)

    • Weaning pots 8-9m (20 pots 1 size)

    • ThermoSpoon

    • Baby & Family Recipe Book

    What this package includes

    • 6-12m Weaning Course

    • Downloadable Guides

    • Feeding Schedules

    • Weekly Live Group Consultation

    • 10% off Weaning Bundle

    • Weaning pots 9-12m (20 pots 1 size)

    • Finger Food pots (8oz x 10)

    • ThermoSpoon

    • Baby & Family Recipe Book

    Maeve - Graduate

    "I absolutely love the mummy cooks course. It has made our weaning journey so much easier. The advice and recipes are invaluable because its setting my baby up with healthy eating habits for life. When I started following the routine for feeding straight away by baby started taking longer naps. I cant thank you enough Siobhan! "

    Peter - Graduate

    As a first time dad I was really interested in learning more about the best way to introduce my daughter to solid foods. I like to think I’m pretty handy in the kitchen and really enjoy cooking, but I’d no idea of what was involved in weaning. This is where the Mummy Cooks online course came in really useful. I could watch the videos and read the supporting text as and when I had time, while Siobhan was on hand to answer any of my questions in our weekly group chats online.

    Aveen Bannon - Dietician

    "How to make food tasty and healthy can be a challenge for many parents…but I am loving the suggestions and ideas that Siobhan offers here. There are a multitude of great nutritious colourful recipes along with some helpful tips on how to get kids positively engaged with food. What I really love is that these are dishes that the whole family can enjoy. I also love her cookbooks with original and clever ideas."

    Roisin - Graduate

    "I would absolutely recommend this course for anyone starting to wean, it has had a hugely positive impact on how our introduction to weaning went! From helpful schedules and timelines, video recipes and advice, to the weekly personal access with Siobhan, I felt so looked after on the course. There is a wonderful community spirit associated with the course also, as the facebook group gives you the opportunity to share experiences with fellow participants."

    About Siobhan berry

    Siobhan Berry has become synonymous with weaning and feeding recipes and advice both online, in print and media. In the Mummy Cooks Academy Siobhan lays out all her advice and recipes that she has curated through her years of experience teaching weaning classes. Our ‘Starting Your Baby’s Feeding Journey’ course specifically focuses on introducing your baby to solid food. 

    Siobhan is SOS trained in strategies on feeding fussy or problem eaters and has a certificate in infant nutrition. Siobhan also engages with experts to give a full 360 view on feeding young children, and all advice given is in line with HSE and NHS guidelines. 

    Siobhan will be your knowledgeable guide as you begin to wean your baby onto solid food. She describes in detail all aspects of feeding, including how and when to start, moving on at six months and how to prevent a fussy eater. 

    As a course participant, each week you will be able to engage with Siobhan through our Facebook Live session - available for course participants only. We also run a weekly Q&A on Instagram Stories every Wednesday 10-11. Our Starting Your Baby’s Feeding Journey course gives you the best start when weaning your baby! 

    Happy Feeding x    

    Frequently asked questions

    When does the course start?

    Our first course will start on the 1st of March 2020 but after this date you can take the course at any time. You have access to the course for 1 year which will give you plenty of time to complete and to use the information as a resource throughout the first year. 

    How long do I have access to the course

    You will have access to the course for 1 year as you wean your baby.

    What age should my baby be to start this course?

    Its best to start this couse when you have finished offering first purées around six months of age. If you are just starting to wean we recomend that you complete the Starting to Wean course first then move onto the Feeding baby 6-12m

    My baby is 9 months, is this course still relevant?

    The course is relevant for the first year of weaning. If your baby is now nine months of age and you are stuggling with areas such as adding texture and finger food then this course is for you.

    How do I access the course? Can I access it on my mobile?

    You can access the course via Teachable.com or alternatively you can download the app (we would suggest you do). At the moment the app is only available on IOS. However you can still access it via your phone through the website

    When does the course start?

    You can start the course at any time and complete in your own time. You will be added to our closed Facebook group where you can ask any weaning questions you might have. 

    How long is the course?

    The course contains 12 modules and we suggest that you take 3 modules per week and you will have the course completed in 4 weeks. You then have the material on hand to dip in and out of while you wean your baby in the first year.

    Can I join the course from anywhere in the world and will the guidelines be the same?

    Yes you can join the course from anywhere in the world. There are some differences from country to country in terms of foods however most of the advice in research based and applies to any child. So we would love to have you on board!

    Can I check out in my own currency?

    Yes we currently accept payment in EUR, GBP, USD, CAD and AUD

    What is your refund policy?

    Once you are granted access to the course materials you waive the right to cancellation and refund. We cannot offer partial refunds to students who do not finish a course.

    Accessing Material

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