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    About SIOBHAN

    As a working mum, I understand the issues families and busy households face when it comes to packing healthy lunchboxes day after day. We simply don’t have the time to be making healthy meals from scratch every morning. With my new book 'Lunchbox Made Easy' I want to offer a permanent solution to the lunchbox rut – one that will suit all parents! My philosophy for tackling the school lunches is the same that I apply to every single meal: preparation is key to healthy, homemade food. With just a little bit of organisation and planning, you can get a healthy lunch that your children will love prepped and packed away every day of the week!

    what's inside

    ‘Lunchbox Made Easy’ is packed full of inspiration and ideas for nutritious, child-friendly lunches. Inside you’ll find over 100 of my favourite lunchbox recipes, ranging from tasty breakfasts to take on the go, to delicious sauces you can swirl into pasta or spread onto sandwiches to make them extra nutritious! By recreating children’s favourite recipes in a healthy and nutritious way I hope to empower every child, from the picky to the most adventurous, to get involved in creating their own lunchbox and become a lunchbox hero!

    Recipes to raise healthy lunchbox heroes

    INspiring children

    Empower every child to get involved in creating their own lunchbox and become a lunchbox hero!

    Healthy Recipes

    From soups to sandwiches to spreads, I have included my favourite lunchbox recipes to help ease the stress of lunchbox prep.

    Tips & Advice

    Packed full of tips and advice, I have carefully considered how to pack a healthy lunchbox that will suit every child. 


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    • SOUPS  
    • SALADS  
    • PASTA & SAUCES  
    • SNACKS  
    • TREATS  

    Take a sneak peak at what's inside...


    Available to buy now! 

    Lunchbox Made Easy Recipe Book
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