Hi There! My name is Siobhan Berry. I’m a Mum of two young girls Ashleigh (8) and Jessica (5) and I am passionate about nutritious, home-cooked food.

“I believe that cooking is a fun activity that brings families together”

There are few things as good as seeing my two girls gobble up a plate of wholesome and nutritious food! Everything that I believe in and teach is based on my own experience as a mother of two young children.

Our Philosophy

I firmly believe that feeding children should be about instilling a love of good food and eating together as a family. I know from my own experience that feeding young children can be very stressful at times. If we do one thing here at Mummy Cooks, I hope it is to help you relax and try to enjoy the time you spend eating together with your family.

“By feeding home-cooked food from the weaning stages on it really can have great benefits in terms of having a good eater later on.”

What We Are Not!

Every Mum simply wants to do their best for their child, but it can be hard when we are bombarded with advice that makes us doubt our own instincts.

At Mummy Cooks, we simply want to inspire parents to cook healthy home cooked meals for their family. That is why I believe that I am an expert in feeding my own children and you are the expert in feeding yours. Our advice acts as a guide to help you along the way to raising healthy, happy eaters!

Some comments from our Mummy Cooks mums….

“I now have the confidence to realize that if he refuses a food he will not starve” Nicola, Dublin.

“Mummy Cooks has even had a positive effect on my own cooking – what I have learned benefits my entire family” Emma, Dublin.

Our Recipes

We like to keep it simple when it comes to our recipes, so we try and make sure that they appeal to the entire family. We will add some spice in from time to time to get children more adventurous.

All our recipes are tested and approved by my own kids who would definitely let me know if it was ‘yuck’!

Our Products

We have spent a great deal of time researching and developing our product range. All of our products, from our food storage and serving pots, right down to our Food Flasks are BPA free.

“We are very proud of our Babypotz storage pots which help parents batch cook and organise their time”.

We continually work hard on being innovative and finding new ways to help parents get their children eating a wider variety of foods. We hope you love them as much as we do.

What our Customers Say about our Products

“The different sizes are just what you need for weaning” Amazon.co.uk

“I use the Babypotz for everything, I still use them and the kids are grown up” Amazon.co.uk

“Thank you very much for your super speedy delivery. I received the pots the very quick after ordering and they are, as always, excellent. Fantastic service thank you” Vicky Martin

“Ich habe lange nach einer bezahlbaren Lösung für den Babybrei gesucht, und damit habe ich sie gefunden. Ich kann mir das Babybrei-Selberkochen-Einfrieren-und-wieder-Auftauen ohne diese Potz nicht mehr vorstellen. Für mich beide Daumen hoch und die vom Baby auch! Großartiges Produkt” Amazon.de

(“I've been looking for an affordable solution for baby food , and I've found it . I can not imagine the baby food - cook yourself - freezing - and - thawing again - without Babypotz . For me two thumbs up and also the baby ! Great product” Amazon.de)

Enjoy life

Aside from cooking my next favourite past time is exploring the Irish countryside with my husband and my two girls. We have put together some video’s to capture our children as they grow. Check out our adventures below!

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Siobhan is the resident feeding and weaning expert with mummypages.ie - Ireland's largest parenting website. Together, we have produced a number of articles and video’s around feeding your child. Check out the posts here.