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Weaning Recipes 4-6 months

Weaning Recipes 4-6 months

Weaning Recipes

Having the right recipes to hand when starting to wean can make it a lot less daunting for you. We have put together a list of weaning recipes to support you on your way. Check out our Mummy Cooks portion guide stage 1 to help guide you with portions and meal frequency in the first two weeks. We refer to stage 1 as the first 14 days of weaning your baby and involves introducing runny purées to your baby. We recommend starting weaning any time after five months so that you are well set-up to introduce lots of variety and texture from six months. If you start earlier than 5 ½ months, just continue with a variety of mixed runny purées until your baby is 6 months old.

Stage 1 size pots – 4-6 Month Weaning Pots

Avoid gluten, meat, fish, grains, milk, eggs any lumps and finger food until baby is six months.

Most importantly remember to remain relaxed, and enjoy the experience!

Getting Started!

Your baby's first foods should be smooth and easy to digest; think very runny purées of a single fruit or vegetable. This allows your baby to get used to solid food without being overwhelmed. It also allows you to introduce new textures and flavours one at a time for the first week or so. Remember, babies can vary in terms of how long it takes to accept solids. Some will accept them straight away, while others may take several weeks. 

Day 1-3

Portion Size: 30ml/1oz 
Meal 1: When baby is most content suggest 12/12:30
Texture: Runny purée
First Foods: Root vegetables

Root vegetables are easy to digest and some are naturally sweet like sweet potato and butternut squash. You can steam or bake your vegetables as first taste. I like to bake as it makes life easier when you don't have to peel the butternut squash or sweet potato! Try out some of our first food recipes below! 

Carrot puree

This Carrot Puree is super easy and a delicious first taste. 

Mixing purées adds variety and can make a bitter vegetable like broccoli more palatable. Check out my Broccoli & Cauliflower Puree
My favourite first vegetable is Sweet Potato Puree, its naturally sweet and it will soon become your vegetable of choice. 

Day 3-6

Portion Size: 30ml/1oz
Meal 1: Breakfast around 8am 
Meal 2: 
Lunch around 12/12:30

Texture: Runny purée
First Foods: Root vegetables or ripe fruit

After about 3 days you can start to introduce the second meal. Stick to the portion size because you cannot deplete the milk before six months of age. At this stage baby is just learning to taste first foods. Offering fruit in the morning is a good option but you can also offer vegetables. So long as you are just offering fruit and vegetables at this stage you can mix it up each day (no need to wait for a reaction from the food before moving on).

I like to prepare individual purées at this stage and then mix as I go along. Adding variety even at this early stage can set your baby up to accept more tastes later on. Parsnip Puree a perfect combination in terms of colour. Then my Carrot & Pea purée is naturally sweet and babies tend to love it!. As an option for breakfast try my Apple & Apricot purée. 

Day 6-14

Portion Size: 30ml/1oz
Meal 1: Breakfast around 8am 
Meal 2: 
Lunch around 12/12:30
Meal 3: 
Dinner around 5/5:30

Texture: Runny purée
Foods: Mixed Purées

You can now add the third meal usually the last meal of the day. Eating at 5 or 5:30 might not fit into your own routine but its a good time for your baby. Eating later then this might effect their sleep. Try to mix the purées up during the day so that your baby gets used to lots of different tastes before they reach the six month mark. 

Courgette pea and mint puree

You can offer a mix of single purées and start to mix some purées to make the bitter vegetables more palatable, such as our Courgette, Mint & Pea Puree

Other good combinations include: 
Parsnip & Pear
Butternut Squash & Apple
Beetroot & Plum
Broccoli, Pear & Tahini

How to prepare a runny purée:

1. Steam your vegetables a little longer then you would if preparing for yourself.
2. After you purée, add some of the cooking water to make it thin.

Storage & Portioning

For each stage of weaning we have the perfect portion pots for your baby. Our Starter Weaning Set is designed to support your baby’s development stages. 


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