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Top 10 Popular Baby Recipes

popular baby recipes

I have been writing recipes for over 10 years (we recently celebrated our 10 year anniversary 🎉). It's always the simple recipes that parents enjoy. Combining flavours is something I love to do and gives your baby early exposure to different tastes and sometimes adds just a little texture. Such as blending peas or herbs where this will be slightly different to just blending a carrot.  

Here I show you our most popular recipes, most of which are in my Baby & Family recipe book. They are perfect for all stages of solids, and all of these recipes are full of natural and healthy ingredients. Enjoy…



Peach Purée with Ginger and Basil

This peach baby puree infuses basil and ginger, getting your little one's taste buds tingling. An ideal recipe for weaning babies when they can have runny mixed purees. For later stages, serve with a little more lumps to add texture. 

Salmon and Sweet Potato Purée

Introducing fish to your weaning baby early on is important to allow them to develop a taste for it. This Salmon and Sweet Potato recipe is great to introduce stronger tasting fish to your little one as it can be served as a purée or mashed to dip with finger foods. Offer the boiled sweet potato (in fingers) or whole pasta pieces, for a baby led weaning meal your little one will love!

Vegetable and Lentil Purée

Adding in lentils to your baby’s purée is the perfect way to add texture slowly while also getting some protein into their diet. This purée can be served on its own or works well with mashed potato or pasta.


Finger Foods:

Sweet Potato Tots

If you and your kids are as mad about sweet potatoes as I am, then you'll love this sweet potato tots recipe! Healthy and delicious, sweet potato tots are a perfect finger food for your weaning baby and are a great snack for the whole family. Add dips such as Tomato Sauce to increase variety.

Vegetable Muffins

If you're looking to get more vegetables into your children's diets, these muffins are the perfect choice. They make a great food for your baby to introduce as a finger food to pick up and self feed. They are also a nice pick-me-up for busy parents who are always on the go.

Cauliflower Cheese Bites

This is one of my most popular recipes. The shape of these bites makes them the perfect finger food for your weaning baby.  You can add variety by adding dips such as Tomato Sauce.

Polenta Chips

These delicious polenta chips are perfect for the whole family, including your weaning baby. Simply serve with our Tomato Sauce as a dip for a tasty baby led weaning meal. This recipe is also perfect for getting the kids to help in the kitchen - get them to help shape the polenta before they go into the oven.   


Other Popular Baby Recipes:

Porridge for Baby

Porridge is the perfect food to give your weaning baby. Filling and sustaining, porridge is relatively rich in protein and also a source of iron. Change it up each morning by adding yoghurt, fruit purée,  grated or mashed fruit. For a tasty finger food snack, simply shape oats into balls, include sticks of fruit and allow baby to pick up the porridge by themselves.

Coconut Chicken Curry

Spice up your little one's dinners with this tasty, easy to make curry. I started making this chicken curry for my daughter Ashleigh at about 6 months of age. I think it is the reason she now likes all things spicy. I still prepare the same dish today and it's always a big hit. It's the perfect food for your weaning baby!

First birthday smash cake

Your baby turning one is an exciting time and it's often tempting to get them a sugary cake. The last thing you want is your little one having an energy spike followed by a crash on their big day. Instead, celebrate your baby's first birthday with this healthy, sugar free smash cake recipe just for them. Don't be afraid to let them get stuck in and messy on their big day!


Our Weaning Advice page provides information and advice on weaning your baby. It includes recipes, tips, and articles on a variety of topics related to weaning, such as introducing finger food, adding herbs and spices to baby food and healthy snacks for your baby, and lots more

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