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Learn how to teach your baby to chew as early as 3 months
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help your baby learn to chew

The first months of your baby’s life can be quick, confusing and overwhelming, but ultimately it is such an exciting time watching your baby grow! As your baby reaches each developmental milestone it’s possible to introduce teethers as early as 3 months to develop your baby’s chewing skills.
In this blog we enlisted our resident Paediatric Occupational Therapist Catriona Fahey to help provide advice and guidance.

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Signs of teething

The teething process can be confusing and frustrating for parents. In this blog I discuss some of the most common teething symptoms, explain how they relate to teething, and offer suggestions on how to soothe your little one during this potentially uncomfortable time. I discuss when do baby's start to teeth, what order teeth come in and most importantly how to soothe your teeting baby.

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3 months + intro quadopus and spoon

While the introduction of foods doesn’t start until around five or six months of age, it's possible to introduce a teether such as our Quadopus and Training Spoon Teether at around 3 months. Teethers are great for helping your baby learn to chew and teaching them to pick up objects, plus they help ease symptoms of teething like irritability and discomfort.


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