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Healthy Snack Ideas for a Lunchbox

Healthy Snack Ideas for a Lunchbox
I understand that many parents can find it a struggle to come up with healthy snack ideas for their kids every day. I want to show you that packing homemade snacks for school does not have to be difficult! There are so many yummy ideas to choose from. Here, I have listed some of my favourite foods to pack. Week after week, these are the recipes that I find myself turning to. With a little bit of meal prep, you too will soon have a range of tasty, nutritious snacks on hand to pack in the mornings! 

Why are snacks important?

Snacks are needed to fuel your child throughout the school day. They are also a great way to make sure that your little one is getting maximum health benefits from every food group.
Want to up their dairy intake?
Pack a yogurt -this Plum and Ginger one is a personal favourite.
Want to make sure they are getting their five a day?
Pack some carrot sticks and a hummus dip or sneak some greens into a muffin - see my Vegetable Muffin recipe.
Want to boost their protein?
Whip up some peanut butter cookies.
There are so many nutritious ways to make your child's lunch box exciting! Read on for some of my go-to choices.


Healthy muffins are a wonderful snack! They are portable and easy to pack (try the second smallest pot in my lunch set), and they are a fantastic way of getting fruit and vegetables into your little one. My children view these healthy little snacks as treats, so there is always excitement when they are packed in the lunch box. For recipes that contain lots of yummy vegetables, try my Courgette and Peanut Butter Cupcakes or my Healthy Carrot Cake Muffins. 


For a snack that requires no meal prep, fruit should be your go-to. It may seem obvious, but this simple snack is a crucial part of a balanced lunch box. My top tip for packing produce for picky eaters is to make sure the food is pleasing to the senses. Don't cram so many berries into a pot that they begin to get squashed. Don't pack bruised or brown bananas and apples. Many children are extremely receptive to their senses, such as sight, sound and touch, so unappealing fruits will not encourage them to try. You can even cut them into fun shapes to really enhance their aesthetic qualities, or decorate them like my Apple Slice Cookies!

No-Bake Snacks

For snacks that require no baking at all, try some of these super simple recipes! My Coconut Bites taste gorgeously rich and sweet, yet only need three ingredients. My girls adore helping me roll the mixture into balls, so get your own children involved for some family fun in the kitchen! My Kid-Friendly Energy Balls also require no heat at all. Simply blend all the ingredients together in the food processor, and roll into spheres. Yogurt is always a brilliant option to pack for school, and homemade versions are so easy to make. Mix a homemade fruit puree with some natural yogurt, and serve in a portion pot. Plum and Ginger Yogurt is my preferred flavour, but you can get creative with your own  tasty combinations!

Savoury Snacks

Swap shop-bought crisps for these tasty Vegetable Crisps! Simply cut up your favourite root vegetables into extremely thin slices and bake. Your children will love the fact that they have packed healthy crisps to school! Another favourite in my house is my Roasted Chickpeas recipe. This delightfully crunchy treat is the perfect savoury snack to nibble on, and the mix of spices add so much flavour.
There you have it! I hope this has inspired you when it comes to planning your child's snacks for school. There are so many delicious and healthy options, so simply get creative!
The Mummy Cooks Lunch Set contains twenty pots in four different sizes, everything you need to get you through the school week!
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