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10 Fuelling Breakfasts For Your School Child

10 Fuelling Breakfasts For Your School Child

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so kick start your child’s school day with my top 10 fuelling breakfasts. 

With so many great choices, there’s no reason to serve the same meal each morning. Your child will be eating a variety of delicious, tummy filling and brain fuelling breakfasts every day! And you will be happy knowing you’ve set them up well for the long day of school ahead. 

If your child isn't great with breakfast, think of adding it to the lunchbox by adding it warm to a food flask or popping a breakfast muffin into the lunchbox for their small break. 

I have chosen these breakfasts as they are nutrient packed, require minimal prep or cook time and the muffins can be batch cooked and frozen - perfect! 

1 - Boiled Egg & Avocado Toast
This boiled egg & avocado recipe is a quick and fuelling breakfast that your whole family will love and it’s ready in the time it takes to boil an egg. Your child will go to school ready to take on the day! 


2 - Cinnamon French Toast 

A family favourite, my cinnamon french toast is a tasty twist on the simple classic. Top with berries and banana for a natural sweetness. Make sure to plan some extra time in the morning for your child asking for seconds!


3 - Mixed Berry Overnight Oats

This is a great family breakfast that you can prepare the night before, saving yourself valuable time on school mornings! Make it up in portion pots so you can dish it out easily in the morning. Top with your child's favourite fruit and you are on to a winner!


4 - Vegetable Omelette

This Vegetable Omelette is an ideal healthy breakfast or school snack for your child’s food flask. Packed with protein and nutrients from vegetables, I like to mix it up regularly by adding a different mix of veg each time! 

5 - Apple & Blueberry Oat Muffins
The morning can be the most stressful time in a busy household and some children just aren't hungry first thing. While it is important that you encourage your child to eat a healthy breakfast sometimes this just doesn't happen. Having a healthy muffin on hand is the best option for your child to eat on their way to school! 


6 - Oaty Banana Pancakes

My oaty banana pancakes are a great way to get bananas into a child’s diet and by adding in the oats it makes the pancakes more substantial and filling. To keep them warm for school lunch just pop some into your child's pre-heated food flask.

7 - Vegetable Muffins
If you're looking to get more vegetables into your children's diets, these muffins are the perfect choice. Double up on the recipe and freeze, take some out the night before to defrost & you’ll have a super healthy breakfast ready to go in the morning! You could even send some in your child's food flask as a tasty lunch box filler.


8 - Quinoa Porridge 

I love quinoa, it’s such a great super-food and I try to serve it as often as I can. This quinoa porridge is a great gluten free, healthy breakfast alternative for your whole family. Serve with fruit or yoghurt for a tasty protein packed fuelling family breakfast to kick start the day. I love topping it with my plum & ginger yoghurt, check out the recipe below! 

9 - Plum & Ginger Yoghurt 
I love this recipe! It makes for a great healthy snack at home or on the go, and makes a great topping for Muesli,  Homemade Pancakes or porridge! Have it for breakfast or send a portion into school in your child's cooler bag. Simply pour into a 3oz portion pot and then into your child's cooler bag for a healthy mid morning snack. 

10 - Homemade Coconut Muesli
Homemade coconut muesli is packed with a delicious combination of coconuts, toasted nuts and chopped fruits, this recipe ticks all the boxes! Tasty and tummy filling, this will definitely set your child up for the day! Why not make a batch and store in our large Portion Pots so you can have something homemade on hand for those busy mornings?

11 - Easy Scrambled Eggs
My scrambled eggs recipe with a twist makes for a protein packed breakfast for your school going child. Your child will love the combination of the softened tomato and cheese! Serve with slices of wholemeal toast for an even more filling breakfast meal. 

Do you struggle to decide what to put in your child's lunchbox, or maybe you find you serve the same things regularly or maybe you have a ‘picky’ eater? My Lunchbox Made Easy recipe book will take the guesswork out of school lunches! It is packed with over 100 recipes and a wealth of tips & advice to help take the stress out of lunch preparation.

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