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The Ultimate Lunchbox Checklist

The Ultimate Lunchbox Checklist

Everything you need to make packing a week full of school lunches as easy as possible! From portion pots for separating snacks and sandwiches to food flasks for sending in hot lunches, I have listed out everything I use in my house to help take the stress out of the school lunch prep every week!

Portion Pots

Portion pots are so handy for the school lunch and are great for preventing cross-contamination of different foods, which is particularly important for fussy or picky eaters. Having enough pots lets you have things like your snacks and fruit portioned out and ready for the week, and they freeze really well so perfect for batch cooking too. The Mummy Cooks Lunch Set comes with 20 pots in 4 sizes so you have enough pots to prepare for the whole week! The sizes are as following...

  • 5 x 3oz/90ml - perfect for dips & sauces
  • 5 x 6oz/ 180ml - to pack yoghurt, veg
  • 5 x 8oz/238ml - for storing muffins, snacks, fruit
  • 5 x 16oz/480ml - sandwiches, stuffed pitta 



Lunch Bag

I have always preferred lunch bags over lunchboxes as you have room to pack all of your portion pots and a food flask. There are so many adorable designs to choose from, so give your child the freedom to choose which one they like to show off their personality! Each one of our Mummy Cooks Lunch Sets comes with a FREE lunch bag, so why not let your child pick their favourite from our range!

We also have a range of insulated cooler lunch bags that will help keep your little one's food lovely and fresh until lunchtime.

Food Flask

Having a food flask allows for so much more versatility when it comes to packing the school lunches. One day I could send my girls in with some pasta, the next could be veg soups or even something as simple as a smoothie on hot days! My 300ml flask is the perfect portion size for a school going child, and will keep food hot for up to 6 hours. Just make sure to fill your flask to the top to ensure the food stays warm.

Some of my favourite recipes to send in my girls flasks are my Quick Bolognese, my Hearty Vegetable Soup and some tasty Vegetable Egg Muffins!



A Fork & Spoon

Cutlery is a lunchbox essential, especially when using a food flask. Buy a child-friendly set that is reusable if you are reluctant to send them off with your best cutlery. It will also make them feel more like a grown up!

A Water Bottle

It is so important that your child has a bottle of water in their lunchbox every day. Hydration is vital, especially for young children so make sure they are drinking it all. Buy a reusable bottle that you can wash instead of sending in disposable ones every day, as this reduces waste. Also, make sure that your child can manage to open and close it without difficulty. Younger children in particular can struggle, so providing a bottle that is easy for them to use will prevent leaks.

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