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Socialising after lockdown

Socialising after lockdown
Lockdown has had a huge impact on how we will socialise in the future. 

For many of us it's been a difficult time not being able to meet up with family and friends. A lot of people have had to get used to trying to work from home with their babies and toddlers at their feet.

It's been a challenge for all of us but at the same time, for me it’s been so nice to spend quality time with the girls and as a family. In someways we are now used to our family bubble. We've been living much simpler lives appreciating the important things, the roof over our heads, good food and our loved ones.

In Ireland, now that we are in the next phase of easing lockdown, it’s great for us to be able to travel that bit further to get out and about!

Are you ready to brace the outside world now that we can travel freely within our country?

Meeting up with friends for a playdate

I'm sure you are super excited to socialise with others outside of your own four walls, and for the children to start seeing their friends!  I think for everyone the first trip mixing with other people is going to be daunting as let's face it, we're all out of practice socialising!  Whether your first meet up is a playdate with your friends in their garden or a trip to see family, you’ll need to think about what food to bring before you go.  

We have plenty of tips and ideas on how to make this easy so that you can enjoy your adult conversations while your babies interact with their little friends.

Batch cooking is probably the best way to be sure that you can always offer a healthy meal or snack on the go. Prepare meals, snacks, finger foods and dips in batches to freeze or store so you can grab them when you are on the way out – saving time and money!

A lunch favourite for our growing babies is carrot, sweet potato and broccoli puree - a super simple puree that’s a great one to take out with you. A great snack for a baby or an older child is something like our berry and banana muffins

When it comes to storing your food when out and about I would recommend you take:

  • Food Flask – to take food out and about for up to six hours hot or cold.
  • Cooler Bag – to keep food fresh like bread and fruit
  • Portion Pots – for snacking such as berries or bread sticks

Our Food Travel Set comes with an Insulated Food Flask, Hot & Cold pack, Insulated Cooler Bag and Portion Pots. Get yours today!

Go check out my other travel blogs "Preparing to Travel with a Young Child" and "Feeding your Child while on Holiday" for more info about preparing to travel and more tips on how to feed your children on holiday or out and about.


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