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Let baby lead the way - Baby Led Weaning

Let baby lead the way - Baby Led Weaning

When it comes to weaning your baby, it can be confusing on where to start. There are a lot of talk these days on what is Baby Led Weaning or BLW and is becoming a really popular method of weaning. Whether you opting for baby led weaning, or a more traditional weaning method, finger foods need to be introduced from 6 months of age. Here we talk about how to start your baby led weaning journey. Our Baby Led Weaning Set gives you all the equipment you need to get you started on your baby's self led weaning journey. It also makes a great Gift Set for new mums!

Baby Led Weaning Set

How do I start Baby led weaning?

Baby Led Weaning is allowing your baby to feed themselves from six months of age.To me, it is simply adapting your meals for your weaning baby so there is no need to cook separate foods at meal times. In simple terms don't purée the food! Offering finger foods with each meal is the best way for your baby to get a real feel for food from flavours and textures to knowing when they are full. This is perfect to introduce them to new foods and get them used to eating as a family from an early age. Try our Coconut Chicken Curry for a baby led weaning meal your whole family will enjoy. Store in Toddler Portion Pots from the Baby Led Weaning Set for a handy baby led weaning meal on busier nights.


Adapting meals to suit your BLW baby

There will be times when adapting a meal may seem trickier than usual. For example a sauce or soup can be difficult to offer as a finger food to your weaning baby. Instead, all you need to do is offer steamed vegetable sticks, penne pasta or toast slices as the finger food. Then blitz the bulk of the meal (without the finger food!) to the desired consistency for your baby’s weaning stage. Coat your finger food with the sauce or allow your baby to use it as a dip. It really is that easy! Try this tasty Pasta Sauce with Hidden Veg for a family meal your weaning baby will love. Perfect to freeze in 7-8 Month Weaning Pots from the Baby Led Weaning Set.




The Importance of Finger Foods

What ever weaning method you choose, it is so important to introduce finger foods at six months. Offering finger foods allows your baby to be in control of what they eat when weaning. Your tot will be more likely to explore the food than if they are spoon fed everyday. Finger foods help to keep fussy eaters at bay too because your baby has the chance to experiment with textures and flavours. Remember self led feeding doesn’t stop at dinner! Why not try our Cinnamon French Toast for the perfect finger food at breakfast. Serve or bring on the go with the 8oz Toddler Portion Pot, ideal for finger foods.


Get Messy

Snacks and sauces are perfect for introducing finger foods, so don’t be afraid to let them get messy! If your tot has food everywhere; even in their hair after a self-led feed, I always see it as an enjoyable feeding experience. Try our Berry and Banana Muffins (minus the sugar) for naturally sweet treat your baby will love. They make a great family snack on the go too! Great to freeze in batches with the larger Adult Portion Pot from the Baby Led Weaning Set

Baby Led Weaning and including finger foods at meal times is so easy, and can really help avoid a fussy eater! By simply adapting your family meals to suit your baby’s weaning stage you’re half way there. All that’s left is to offer finger foods such as steamed veg or whole pieces of cooked pasta for a yummy, enjoyable food experience for your weaning baby!



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