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Eat well on your Family Staycation

Eat well on your Family Staycation

What another fabulous family staycation we had last week. This week I decided to write a blog to share and help you with some recipe ideas so that you and your family can eat well on your staycation.

We headed west again to County Clare on our family staycation. We arrived at Kilkee and headed straight for the pollock holes. I have some great memories of visiting Kilkee as a child and having fun jumping off the diving board and swimming in the Pollock holes. We moved onto Kilalea and enjoyed Scampi and Chips in Keeting’s of Kilbaha Restaurant. What is it about fish and chips by the sea they couldn’t have tasted better. 

Family Staycation Loop Head Lighthouse

We got on our bikes and cycled to Bridges of Ross, what a stunning location. Dave and Ashleigh managed a swim while I almost lost my life looking down at them. The cliffs definitely don’t make for a relaxing walk but boy the views are stunning. We stayed the night at Loop Head and enjoyed sunset right out at the tip of Ireland. 

Family Staycation Sunset

I am definitely getting better at packing the meals and other than our first night trip I had enough food for the week. Here are my top recipes to put together while staying in a self catering or camping situation. 


Cereal - It's the easiest to transport. We have a mix of porridge and then some weetabix and cheerios. I will offer either berries, banana or a smoothie in the morning. 

Pancakes - I always have some flour in the press and then milk, eggs and berries are bought fresh at the start of our stay. Pancakes are great as a brunch especially if we get into the water early and it's not exactly lunchtime! 


A staycation in Ireland can mean that we are jumping into the cooler waters and then a nice warm lunch is the best option!

Family Staycation Sea

It does mean I am cooking at lunch but sometimes making everyone a different sandwich can take just as much time. Our favourites were:

Noodles - I added in some peas and used some curry spices or soy sauce. 


Pasta - always a winner. I took along some pesto and added in some broccoli 

Soup - even in summer we love our soup and especially after a dip in the sea

Wraps - place a wrap on a warm un-oiled pan add in your cheese, onion, tomato and chicken. We make lots of different quesadillas variations and they are super quick to make.


So that everything is fresh I get my butcher to vacuum pack my meat which will then allow me to keep it in the fridge for the week. I had made some burgers made and took from my freezer or alternatively purchased some mince and make up on the night. 

Vegetables - use both frozen and fresh so that you will have enough for the week. I always have some peas and corn on the cob in the freezer. 

Chicken Parmigiana - I didn’t have a blender so just coated the chicken in parmesan cheese. I had some of my tomato sauce with me or alternatively you could use a jar of tomato sauce. Just don’t offer this to a baby under 1 years of age. 

Burgers - I had these pre-made and cooked on the BBQ. We served with corn on the cob from the freezer and brioche buns.


Cauliflower Mac and Cheese - a must have for Jessica! Super easy and I use creme fraiche instead of bechamel sauce. 

We are planning on some more Staycation trips in August and I am already planning on what meals we will have to change it up. What have you got planned? Let us know by sharing your family staycation pics and tips on Instagram tagging @mummycooks

If you missed my blog post last week on tips for family staycation check it out.

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