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Weaning Journey - Week 5

Weaning Journey - Week 5

Baby Maeve and mum Catriona have made it to week 5. Now Maeve is 6 months Catriona will start to introduce gluten and finger food. It is also important at this stage to introduce finger food. She may not succeed with it until about 7 months of age but it’s the best time to start so that baby gets used to the idea.

Baby Maeve: 6 1/2 months
Solid Food: Week 5
Meals/Portions: 3 Meals per day 6-7 Month / 7-8 Month Weaning Pots
New Foods: Weetabix, Red Pepper, Mushrooms, Butternut squash, Parsnip

“This week Maeve was introduced to gluten. Following Mummy Cooks advice, I gave her half a Weetabix with warm milk on the first morning and she managed this very well. I followed the guidelines on how to introduce gluten provided to me at the Mummy Cooks class. Check out the Gluten guidelines here. To date, Maeve has had no reactions but this is an area I will need to continually monitor because her father is a coeliac.

Maeve continues to be offered three meals a day and some days are better than others. She is becoming more familiar with the activity and gets excited when placed in her high chair. Maeve loves when I clap and give her thumbs up when she finishes, and I do this even if she only takes a few spoons to make feeding time a positive experience.

During the week I also offered Maeve a rice cake. She did suck it but she attempted to push it quite far into her mouth. When I offered her a small piece, she chewed it and sucked it to make it into a paste before swallowing. I am going to attend a Mummy Cooks finger food class next week to learn more on what I can offer her.

This week Maeve ate Weetabix, ReadyBrek, Sweet Potato with chicken, Red Pepper, Mushroom, Onion, Garlic, and Butternut squash with Parsnip and Leek".

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