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Weaning Journey - Week 2

Weaning Journey - Week 2

Baby Maeve and mum Catriona are now into their second week of weaning. Maeve seems less interested in her food, but Catriona is continuing to try and feed her and introduce new tastes.

Baby Maeve: 5 months 2 weeks
Solid Food: Week 2
Meals/Portions: Midday Meal 4-6 Month Weaning Pot (1oz/30ml)
New Foods: Parsnip, Pear, Banana
Bottle per day: 5 x 7oz

"We are now on to our second week of weaning we are doing much better. Our first week was a mixture of frustration, patience, excitement and over thinking! I found myself continually returning to what I had learned at the Mummy Cooks class. 

I kept reminding myself of the wise words; 'The first few weeks are really just getting your baby used to new tastes, so don’t expect much to go in!'

I had to make myself forget about the books advising that your child will take 2-3 spoons. This for me was impossible to measure and every day was so different. I tried not to worry about how much she was getting, and repeating to myself over and over that it’s about learning to feed and not how much she is taking.

So far we have tried carrots, banana and a mixture of Pear and Parsnip Puree. It turned out I was glad to have made a few pots of each as things got busy during the week which resulted in Maeve getting the same taste 2 or 3 days in a row. This did not appear to phase Maeve, as she is not too bothered or excited by the food. Some days went better than others by this I mean the length she tolerated me offering her a spoon. Some days I would get pursed lips and tongue out instantly. I found I resorted to all fun techniques and overblown gestures in getting her to open her mouth to at least taste the food. This worked and she was willing to take another few tastes.

I also experienced Maeve gagging which did not seem to bother her and I made sure that I did not react to it either. I am so relieved I started the weaning process when I did as it has allowed me to move at Maeve's pace and not to stress about her not emptying a full 4-6 Month Weaning Pot (1oz/30ml)".

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