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Weaning Journey - Week 4

Weaning Journey - Week 4

Catriona and Baby Meave have had a great week as they moved onto feeding solid food 3 times per day, just as Maeve hits the six months mark. Catriona has also introduced a nice variety of foods including garlic, which is really great. Catriona will have to start looking at introducing gluten and offering some finger food in the week ahead.

Baby Maeve: 6 months
Solid Food: Week 4
Meals/Portions: 3 Meals per day 4-6 Month / 6-7 Month Weaning Pots
New Foods: Leak, Sweet Potato, Beetroot, Plum, Garlic & Kale
Bottles per day: 5 x 7oz

"Another great week all round! Our big task this week was moving onto 3 meals per day and we had no difficulties at all. Maeve is also starting to increase her portion size of food at each mealtime. We are still on the 4-6 Month Weaning Pots but will move shortly onto 6-7 Month Weaning Pots. The foods we tried this week include leak, beetroot with plum, celeriac, garlic and onion and kale mixed with sweet potato. She loved everything I offered her.

This week we also discovered the Beaba Babycook machine. This machine was a godsend! Instead of standing over a pot making sure it does not run out of water you can add your food to this machine and press go and it steams the food perfectly. This is great for me because when I'm cooking for the rest of the family I can also cook separately for Maeve. It also has a blender close to the bottom of the machine allowing you to blend small quantities. You can also defrost and reheat food by placing your BPA free Weaning Pots into the basket. This is so much easier than using the microwave which can dry out the food due to the small portions. This machine has made my week so much easier. We love it! "

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