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Quick and Healthy 20 Minute Meals

Quick and Healthy 20 Minute Meals

For busy parents, finding time to prepare nutritious dinners can be a real challenge. I have chosen eight of my favourite 20 min meals which are easy to make, budget-friendly and are perfect for batch cooking and saving extras for another night! Easily take these meals out and about in our food flasks


All these recipes are adaptable so that your weaning baby can enjoy them too


1. Pea and Pesto Fettuccine - This 15-minute Pea and Pesto Fettuccine recipe is delicious, healthy and a perfect meal for when you’re on the go! It’s a great vegetarian recipe if you are strapped for time and need a quick and easy dinner idea. To adapt for baby, you can use pasta shapes like fusilli or penne that are easy for baby to grip. Blend the sauce until completely smooth. 


2. One Pot Fish Curry - The delicate curry flavour in this recipe makes it suitable for the whole family and it's super simple to adapt for baby. The garlic and curry spices used in this dish will also help to ward off colds too, making this mealtime recipe perfect for wet and windy days!

fish curry

3. Quick Fried Rice - Leftover rice is the perfect lunch option, if you are cooking rice the night before. It won’t take you much time to prepare, and you can change up the vegetables each time for a quick and healthy lunch.


4. Chicken Tikka Masala - This baby-friendly Chicken Tikka Masala recipe is very quick and easy to make. By introducing spices to baby from a young age, your child will grow up to be more open to a variety of food. 


5. Salmon Pasta with Courgetti - Salmon is a great way of getting omega-3 into your little ones' diet; aiding brain health and development. Adding courgetti is a great way of boosting your little ones veggie intake and sneaking in veggies for fussy eaters.

6. Thai Prawn Red Curry - Not only is it filled with lots of vegetables and packed full of flavour, it is baby-friendly, so the whole family can enjoy it!


7. Avocado Pasta - This pasta recipe is so delicious and super easy to prepare. For baby, use the pasta shape that suits your baby’s stage. Alternatively use fusilli pasta as finger food for your baby to self-feed. Find this recipe in my Travel with Baby eBook

Avocado pasta


8. Chicken Fajitas - Suitable as a finger food for a weaning baby, this is a firm favourite in our house and the kids love the fact they can make up their own fajitas. Try it out as a mid-week dinner for the family and I guarantee this will become a favourite weekly meal.


At Mummy Cooks, we have a wealth of advice on feeding your family. We cover everything from meal prep and slow cooker recipes to moving baby on to family foods and preparing food safely. So whether you're looking for quick and easy meal ideas or want to learn more about healthy eating, we've got you covered - Feeding the Family Advice page

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