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What's On - Weaning Week UK 2023

What's On - Weaning Week UK 2023

Weaning Week is the perfect time to educate and prepare yourself for your baby's weaning, feeding and developmental journey! 

Weaning Week UK runs from the 15th to the 19th of May and to celebrate, I'll be hosting Instagram LIVES with special guests all week long!

We'll be chatting everything to do with weaning, parenting, cooking, feeding and so much more 🙌

If you have a weaning baby, a baby on the way or even a toddler or older child, you won't want to miss out on these IG lives!


👶 Monday May 15th, 13:30pm - Join me over on the Weaning Week Facebook Group page for a talk on Weaning while on Holidays. It's important to sign up to this group before the day so make sure you do so. Details on our stories. 


👶 Tuesday May 16th, 10:30am - Join me LIVE with Sam MacKay, KeepaBeat. Tune in and listen to Sam explain the difference between gagging and choking and what to do in an emergency. You won’t want to miss this one if you have any concerns about offering finger food. KeepaBeat specialises in paediatric first aid and I’m sure you will feel Sam’s passion during our live!


👶 Wednesday May 17th, 10:00am - Join me LIVE for our Weaning Wednesday Q&A. I love bringing this to you every week and this week through our live it will give me the opportunity to go into a more detailed response. I will pop up a question box on Tuesday so watch out for this and I will also answer questions live as they come in. 

👶 Thursday May 18th, its competition time. Keep an eye out on our feed and make sure you are in to win! 


👶 Friday May 19th, 10:30am - Join me LIVE with Gem Fryer to talk all about Sleep. Gem and her sister Eve run Calm & Bright, alongside their highly-qualified team of paediatric nurses and mental health professionals, the sisters have helped thousands of families around the world discover a life with sleep.


Our Baby & Family Recipe Book contains detailed advice on weaning as well as over 100 recipes for the entire family including your weaning Baby

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