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Tips on Taking Your Baby to a Restaurant - How to Blend Their Food

Tips on Taking Your Baby to a Restaurant - How to Blend Their Food

Getting out and about with your baby, making social connections and enjoying your maternity leave can be some of the most exciting and fun things as a new parent. 

However, when the weaning stages arrive around six months, it can be difficult to prepare healthy meals ahead of your day out, resulting in lots of parents reaching for store-bought options. This, of course, is totally fine but we just don’t want to have to rely on these types of food for our little ones. 

Many parents can feel nervous or hesitant to take their baby out and about with them, especially when they’re eating out at restaurants. However, dining out with your little one shouldn’t be something that’s avoided and can be a really fun, exciting experience for both you and baby. 

Eating out with your baby is a wonderful way to give them new experiences, surroundings and new food textures and flavours too. If you’re dining out at a restaurant with your little one, you might want to share some of your meal with them, and they might even reach for it themselves! 

Just keep in mind that your baby can only have up to 1 gram of salt per day. So, as long as your meal isn’t salty, it’s okay to share with your child. Sharing your food with your baby is a great way to include them in the family, even if it’s just you and your child eating out. Offering your baby the same meal that you’re having can really help encourage them to explore and enjoy their food. 

When eating out, an easy way to make your meal the perfect texture for your baby is our Baby Food Chopper. We’ve designed this product to make preparing your baby’s food and feeding your baby when you’re out and about so much easier, as this is a challenge for a lot of parents. 

Top Tips:

  • If your meal includes meat or fish, vegetables and potato, you can quickly add these ingredients to our Baby Food Chopper and blend to your desired consistency. Just ensure you check any fish for bones first! 
  • Other meals like stews, curries or chillies are perfect for blending and make a great puree as a full meal for your baby. 
  • Chunky pasta sauces can be added to the Baby Food Chopper, blended and then added to pasta for baby to self-feed. 
  • Take your cooler bag along so you can place the food chopper inside without soiling the rest of your baby bag. 

Your baby can now easily enjoy restaurant meals when you’re dining out, which will be even better as we go into the festive season as many people take their baby travelling or on holidays with them. 

If you’re staying in self-catering accommodation on your holidays, you can easily whip up a simple meal and blend it to the perfect texture for your baby with our Baby Food Chopper. For example, add steamed veggies with chicken or salmon to the Food Chopper and you’ve got a well-balanced, delicious meal for your child. You can even take along with you some low-salt stock cubes and add them into the Food Chopper to break up the puree - the perfect solution for when you’re on-the-go and in holiday mode! 

Of course we all love the idea of saving time, effort and money when on holidays or when eating out, but this can seem like a daunting task when you have a weaning baby. We’ve designed our Baby Food Chopper to help solve these issues for parents, so you can relax and enjoy your time out and about with your family. 


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