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Help my baby is 8 months and won't eat meat?

Help my baby is 8 months and won't eat meat?

It's not uncommon for babies around 8 months old to show resistance to new foods, including meats. Its important to introduce meat slowly into your babies purée or as a finger food from six months of age when they are more accepting to new tastes and textures. 

There could be several reasons behind this reluctance:

Texture Sensitivity: Babies might be sensitive to the texture of meats, which can be tougher or different from other foods they've tried.

Taste Development: They might not be accustomed to the taste of meat yet, especially if they've primarily thin vegetable and fruit purée until now.

Introduction Timing: Leaving it too long before you introduce texture may cause your now 8 month old to reject the new food. My advice is to keep trying. 

Transitioning to new foods: Some babies take time to transition to new foods, and meat might not be their preference initially.

To help encourage your baby to eat meat:

Texture Modification: Try pureeing or finely mincing the meat to make it easier for your baby to eat. To start, blend 1 part meat with about 3 parts vegetables so the texture isn’t too dissimilar to what they would have eaten before. 

Mixing with Other Foods: Mix meat with familiar foods they enjoy, like pureed vegetables or fruits.

Gradual Introduction: Start with small amounts and gradually increase the quantity.

Variety: Experiment with different types of meats or meat-based foods to see if there's a preference.

Patience and Persistence: Don’t give up after the first rejection. It can take multiple tries for a baby to accept a new food.


I recommend trying my Baby’s First Chicken purée to start then move onto my Coconut Chicken Curry. Try a dish with minced beef in it so your baby will go onto love that texture also. 


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