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See below some of the answers to our most frequently asked questions.

Portion Pots

Cleaning & Care

• Inspect pots after each use and at first signs of wear and tear discard the product. 

• When pots are frozen, plastic weakens and so extra care should be taken when removing them from the freezer. 

• Do not overfill the pots. Hot foods or liquids can scald user.

• Do not use the pots on a stove-top, or in any type of oven. 

• Always test the temperature of food or liquid before feeding to your child.

1. How can I clean my portion/weaning pots and lids?

Be sure to remove all packaging from the product. We recommend that you wash pots and lids before using them for the first time as well as after each use. Wash pots and lids in warm soapy water, rinse well in hot water and air dry or alternatively use a dishwasher.

2. Can I place my pots in the dishwasher or steriliser?

Our pots are top rack dishwasher safe and can be sterilised by all approved sterilising methods. Remember it is not necessary to sterilise food containers for babies after six months.

3. Are my pots microwave safe?

Yes! All our pots are microwave safe. They are made from Polypropylene a BPA Free material safe for both family and baby. Always be careful when heating pots in a microwave as it may cause hotspots. Be sure to check the temperature of your food before eating.

4. Can I defrost and feed directly from my pots?

You can take your pots straight from the freezer to the microwave to defrost and feed directly from the pot. Make sure the food is at the correct temperature before feeding/eating.

Food Flasks

Cleaning & Care

First Use: We recommend that you wash the flask before using it for the first time and after each use. Firstly make sure to remove all packaging from the product. You should wash the flask in warm soapy water, rinse well in hot water and air dry.  

1. How do I fill up my flask correctly?

Our food flasks are designed with a double-wall vacuum insulation to help retain temperature, and will keep your food hot or cold for up to 6 hours. In the case where you are using the flask for your baby, then we recommend you fill the flask with the food in the weaning pots. Sizes 4-66-7 and 7-8 month pots will fit comfortably inside.

To get the best results from your flask, make sure to follow the following steps...

To Keep Food Warm:

1. Fill your flask with boiling hot water, screw on the lid and leave for 5 mins

2. Heat up your food until piping hot

3. Discard the water in the flask. Place your hot food inside and screw the lid closed

To Keep Food Cold:

1. Fill your flask with ice cold water, screw on the lid and leave for 5 mins

2. Take your food out of the refigerator

3. Discard the water in the flask. Place your chilled food inside and screw the lid closed

Always fill your flask to the top for maximum insulation

Note: For baby use at Step 3 insert your weaning pot (sizes 4-6m, 6-7m, 7-8m) and screw lid closed.

2. Can I place my flask in the dishwasher?

It is not recommended that you place your flask in the dishwasher. It is best to hand wash your flask in warm soapy water.

3. Is my flask microwave safe?

Our flasks contain metal and are therefore NOT microwave safe.

4. How should I attach my stickers?

After you have washed your flask with hot soapy water, rinse thoroughly and allow to dry. When the surface is completely dry add your stickers. We have provided good quality stickers that do not come away when the flask is repeatedly washed.

5. What size flask should I buy?

We recommend our 300ml Food Flask for babies and children up to 10/11 years (depending on appetite) and our 450ml Food Flask for older children/teenagers and adults


Cleaning & Care

1. Wash the ThermoSpoon case and spoon with warm, soapy water before first use.

2. Press the power switch to turn the spoon on.

3. The temperature measurement will start after 1-3 seconds.

4. When the temperature reaches 41°C or above, a ‘H’ symbol will appear to show that the food is too hot to serve.

5. Press the power switch to turn the spoon off and preserve battery life.

1. What are the recommended serving temperatures?

0-6 months: 36.5°C - 37.5°C (purees, first foods)

6 month+: 21°C - 37.5°C (first and family foods)

This blog here gives advice on preparing food for a baby safely. When you are heating food up it’s important to stir it well, particularly if you are using a microwave in order to avoid hot spots which could burn a baby’s mouth.  

2. What temperature does food need to be heated to in order to be safe for a baby?

Guidelines say food should be cooked to a core temperature of 75°C or 70°C for 2 minutes which ensures that food is safe for consumption. It is vital that food is heated correctly.

3. Why do I get different readings when I’m stirring the food?

Due to the fact that the temperature of food can vary in different parts of the bowl at the same time, it’s important to stir the food and let the ThermoSpoon rest in the food for a few seconds to get an accurate reading.

4. My ThermoSpoon has stopped working - why?

The battery on your ThermoSpoon may need to be replaced. The battery is a LR1130 AG10 battery - similar to a watch battery. You can open the battery which is at the back of the spoon. It’s important to turn your spoon off when you are not using it.

5. Can my ThermoSpoon go in the dishwasher?

No, it cannot be placed in a dishwater because it contains a battery, however it is waterproof and can be washed in a sink.

6. Can my ThermoSpoon go in the mirowave?

No, it contains a battery so is NOT safe for the microwave.

7. How do I sterilise my ThermoSpoon?

To sterilise your ThermoSpoon, simply place it in boiling water and leave for two minutes. Alternatively, add some baby sterilising liquid or a tablet to container of water and soak the ThermoSpoon.

8. Can I use my ThermoSpoon to check the temperature of my baby’s milk?

Yes, the spoon can be used to accurately check the temperature of your baby’s milk. Your baby’s bottle of milk should be served at body temperature or 36.5 - 37.5ºC. 

9. Can I use the ThermoSpoon to check the temperature of my baby’s bath?

Yes, the water temperature of a bath can be checked using the spoon. Perfect for when you are on holidays! The recommended bathing temperature for young children is 37 to 38ºC. 

10. Can I use the ThermoSpoon to check my baby’s body temperature?

No, we would not advise using the ThermoSpoon to check a baby’s temperature. 

11. Can I feed my baby using the ThermoSpoon?

Yes, you can feed your baby using the ThermoSpoon, however to preserve the battery life and integrity of your spoon, we do not recommend long term feeding with the ThermoSpoon.

12. Can I use the ThermoSpoon to check my baby’s room temperature?

Yes, you can use the ThermoSpoon to accurately measure room temperature, another handy feature of this great little tool!

13. How long do I leave the ThermoSpoon in the food for an accurate temperature reading?

It is important to stir your food well and then allow the spoon to rest in the food for at least five seconds to get an accurate temperature reading.

14. What is the best way to cool the food once it has reached the required temperature to kill bacteria?

Stirring your baby’s food with the ThermoSpoon will introduce cool air and help it to reach the desired temperature for feeding safely.

15. How long do I need to continue using the ThermoSpoon to check my baby’s food temperature?

Food safety is particularly important during the first year of a baby’s life. Food poisoning can be especially severe for babies because their digestive and immune systems are immature.


1. How do I access a webinar or academy course?

Classes are available on-demand. To access your webinar, please log in to your Mummy Cooks account and click on "my courses". Please ensure the email used to register your account is the same email that was given when purchasing the webinar

2. What age does my baby need to be to start a Mummy Cooks Webinar?

You can start the class at any age as Mummy Cooks will be able to answer all your weaning related questions; setting you up for a fuss free weaning journey with your baby.

3. Are vouchers available for Mummy Cooks?

Yes, vouchers are available and are redeemable against all Mummy Cooks classes and products - classes check these out here

4. I have a history of allergies and need to introduce foods slowly. Will this be a problem?

All ingredients will be listed in the recipe handouts.

Ordering & Payment

1. Can I cancel/change my order?

If you need to cancel your order before it has been shipped - status in progress, please contact our Customer Service Team at for further instructions.

2. Can I return my order?

You can return your goods subject to our terms and conditions, within our 14 day cooling off period. Please refer to our Shipping and Returns for more information.

3. Can I change my delivery address?

Before your order has been shipped you may still change the delivery address. To do so, please contact our customer service team at  We are unable to change your delivery address for any item/s which have already been shipped.

4. Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit and debit cards. 

5. Will my credit card details be safe?

All our orders are processed through Stripe and are secure and encrypted. Please note Mummy Cooks does not have access to or does not store customer credit card details. 

6. Why can't I check out?

If you are unable to check out and make payment we would be extremely grateful if you could let us know immediately, so we can sort it out and provide you with assistance.Please get in touch by emailing us at or contacting us through our on-line chat.

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