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Christmas Dinner Recipes For Baby

Christmas Dinner Recipes For Baby

Your baby's first Christmas is such a special time for the family, so include your baby in the traditions of the Christmas dinner with a few simple adaptions. It’s hard for baby to appreciate or understand all that's going on at this busy time, but they can certainly enjoy the warm family feelings that Christmas brings! Getting your baby involved in Christmas dinner with the family is a great way to start new traditions with your family. Our Christmas recipes are baby friendly and easy to prepare.

Christmas Baby Food Recipes Turkey

Shave off a slice of Turkey and give it to your baby as a finger food from 6 months. You can also blend some of the roasted vegetables into a purée to offer as a dip. Prepare and store in advance in a 7-8 Month Weaning Pot from the Starter Weaning Set for a fuss free baby led weaning meal when dinner is served.

Baby Stuffing

Commercial and even homemade stuffing can be on the salty side sometimes; try out our Baby Stuffing recipe. Prepare your own for your weaning baby up to 3 days before and store in a 9-12 Month Weaning Pot. Take it out on the day to cook along with the Christmas dinner. Use it as a finger food or mash it into their dinner.

Roast Garlic and Potato Puree

This simple roast potato and garlic mash recipe makes the perfect accompaniment to your weaning baby's Christmas dinner. The recipe can be adapted to use the normal roast potatoes for a fuss free Christmas classic for your weaning tot. Make them ahead and store the puree in 8-9 Month Weaning Pots to heat up before serving.

Roast Potato & Garlic 036 (1).jpg

Brussels Sprout Puree

Try out this tasty Brussels Sprout and Pea Puree so your weaning baby can enjoy a tasty Christmas dinner staple. It is great to offer as a dip with fingers foods such as some Roasted Vegetables or Baby Stuffing.

Brussel sprout & Pea purée.jpg

Baby Gravy

Commercial gravies tend to be high in salt and are unsuitable for babies. This baby gravy recipe includes making up a chicken stock and thickening it up to make a gravy suitable for your weaning baby. The gravy can be prepared and frozen in advance in handy 4-6 Month Weaning Pots portions with the Starter Weaning Set. This will save time and relieve the stress on Christmas Day!


Top Tips for your baby's First Christmas

  • Try and keep your daily routine for baby.

  •  Try including your baby in the sit down dinner. If this is not possible, make sure to sit your baby in a high chair beside you so they can interact with everyone.

  • Despite your best efforts, your baby may find the noise and attention overwhelming. Don’t be afraid to take your baby to a quite room to calm them down. It is also important that there is a quiet place to sleep during the day should they need a nap.

  • Take lots of photo’s and enjoy!

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