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Preparing to Travel with a Young Child

Travelling with a baby or small child doesn’t have to be stressful. With just a little preparation work before you go and some handy food travel products you will be all set for an enjoyable, well earned break!


  • Tips to get you prepared
  • Early morning rise for a long distance journey
  • Example meal prep for baby under 1 year and toddler/child


Feeding your Child while on Holiday

It's important to understand how you will prepare your child’s food while you are away whether you are staying in an apartment or a hotel.

For a younger baby you won’t have the luxury of taking out some batch cooked food but there are some simple solutions that will help you prepare the food while away.


  • Tips for staying in an apartment with baby
  • Tips for staying in a hotel with baby
  • Feeding Toddler and Child


Feeding your Child while Out & About on Holiday

Following on from my previous blog, it is also important to also think about how to feed your child when you are away from the apartment or hotel and you're out and about.

The most important thing to remember when taking food out with you is that food must be stored properly in order for it to be safe to eat.


  • Rules for bringing food on the go
  • Recommended Equipment

Eating out with toddlers & young children

With a bit of forward thinking and a few entertaining additions packed away in your bag, dining out with your toddler or older child will be a really great experience! I have put together a few handy tips to make this enjoyable for you and your child.


  • My top 5 tips for eating our with a young child
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