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24oz Portion Pots

24oz Portion Pots

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**While stock lasts

Similar to our current line of stock this version has been discontinued and therefore the lids will not match our new stock.

You will still enjoy the benefits of our 24oz portion pots which are perfect for batch cooking and safely storing two Child portions, and soups

Our portion pots are perfect for a lot of different uses – from freezing food portions, to carrying snacks while you’re out and about.

Note: This size is also perfect as a Sauce portion for two adults. e.g. Bolognese frozen without the spaghetti (


- 24oz/710ml pots and lids

-Safe for baby and family (BPA free and PVC free)

-Reusable and durable

-Freezer, Dishwasher and Microwave safe

-Snap-on lids ensure no spillage

-Translucent pots and lids (so you can see the food!)

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A little about us

Hi, I'm Siobhan!

I'm a Mum of two girls with a passion for nutritious, home cooked food. When I started to feed my first daughter Ashleigh, I loved to batch cook her baby food. It frustrated me that it wan't easy to get hold of decent quantity, practical little pots without them costing the earth. I therefore decided to create the best solution for portioning and freezing food.

I set up Mummy Cooks as a way of inspiring, educating and empowering parents to feed their children healthy, home cooked food.

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Our Weaning Pots

Our Weaning Sets include all the portion sizes you need to support each stage of your baby's feeding journey. You will have plenty to batch cook and freeze portions for later use; so you can spend less time in the kitchen and more time having fun with your baby. They're also perfect for carrying snacks when out and about.

We hope you enjoy our pots and that our products help you give your child a love of nutritious home cooked food... just like I've given my two girls.

Happy Feeding!

Siobhan Berry

Weaning Pots

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