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What's in Season - September

What's in Season - September

Happy Autumn! 🍂

September is one of my favourite months for fresh fruit and veggies. It's one of the last chances to enjoy delicious Summer produce before it gets too cold! 

The beginning of a new season is the perfect chance to take some time to see what's in season in the coming months and as always, I love using seasonal fruit and vegetables in meals as it provides a variety of flavours and high nutritional value! 

Here's what's in season in Ireland/the UK in September:

1. Potato 🥔
A great source of fibre and antioxidants! Check out my Irish Champ recipe.
For baby: steam or roast and offer as fingers/chips or puree

2. Courgette 🥒
Low-calorie and high in protein and potassium. Your weaning baby will love my Courgette, Mint and Pea Puree
For baby: steam or roast and offer cubed or as puree. 

3. Peas 🥗
Peas are a great source of essential vitamins and they help reduce inflammation! Try my Prawn and Pea Risotto for an easy family dinner. 
For baby: steam and puree or steam and offer as they are as finger food.

4. Mushrooms 🍄
Excellent source of vitamins B and D and packed with antioxidants. Check out my Creamy Mushroom Pasta Sauce.
For baby: steam and purée or steam/sauté quartered and offer as finger food

5. Strawberries 🍓 
High in vitamin C and fibre! Strawberries are also great for heart health. For an easy summer treat, check out my Strawberry and Vanilla Ice Lollies. 
For baby: puree, mash, cut into quarters or offer whole as finger food

6. Celery 🥬
Celery is high in fibre, antioxidants and vitamin C and is great for flushing out toxins. Easily add celery to any meal, just like my Hearty Vegetable Soup. 
For baby: steam and offer as a puree or chopped as a finger food

You can find a full seasonal calendar showing you how to serve each fruit and vegetable to your baby in my Baby & Family Book!

Happy Cooking! 


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