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What you Need to Meal Prep

What you Need to Meal Prep

Being able to batch cook and store meals for your family and weaning baby is one of the best time-savers in the kitchen. However, to get meals on the table all week long you need to have the right tools ready to use in the kitchen. The following list contains everything you need to cut down prep and cooking time, creating a stress-free week of lunches and dinners ahead!

The Ultimate Batch Cooking Set

By cooking more than one family portion at a time, you can use the Mummy Cooks Ultimate Batch Cooking Set to portion out your meal to store in your fridge or freezer. This way you can ensure there will be a delicious, home-cooked meal on the table every night of the week.  

5 x Sauces/dips or Toddler Sauce Portion - 6oz/180ml
10 x Child Sauce Portions - 8oz/237ml
10 x Adult Sauce Portions - 12oz/355ml
5 x Soup Portions - 24ml/710ml

The set contains an assortment of 30 pots and lids to help you in portioning and storing food for the entire family, ranging from adult to child sized portions as well as perfect sized pots for storing soups and sauces.

Mummy Cooks Weekly Meal Planner

Don’t worry about having to make your own weekly food plan because we’ve got you covered! When you sign up to our Mummy Cooks Club, you can download a free copy of our Mummy Cooks Weekly Meal Planner. Within our planner, we have suggested recipes for each meal throughout the week, in which we have included a range of batch cooking, 20-minute meal and fakeaway recipes to fill your week with a variety of delicious, family-friendly meals.

Baby and Family Recipe Book

When it comes to batch cooking and meal prep, it’s so much easier when you have recipes at hand that are both delicious and reliable. Our Baby and Family Recipe Book includes step-by-step advice to raising happy and healthy eaters, along with over 100 delicious recipes that are great for the family and easily adaptable for your weaning baby. Find the majority of the recipes included in the Mummy Cooks Weekly Meal Planner inside the recipe book.


Our easy-peel stickers are perfect for labelling your batch cooking so you know exactly what you have cooked and when it was made, keeping your fridge nice and organised. Super easy to use, all you need is to peel them off and apply directly to a clean surface. Get 50 labels for free when you buy one of our Ultimate Batch Cooking Set’s!

Optional but handy

Slow Cooker

Slow cookers are so handy to have in the kitchen when it comes to meal prep. Not only does it do the cooking for you, you can easily double up on the ingredients to make enough batches of food to sort the lunches and dinners for the whole family. They are very affordable, easy to clean and you can program them to cook on high or low for however long you need without having to be at home to tend to it.

Food Processor

A food processor is so useful to cut down prep time when batch cooking. When you are doubling or even tripling up on ingredients in recipes, you are going to have a lot more vegetables to prepare. All you have to do is pop the veggies into the food processor, and using the pulse button you can chop them down to the desired consistency.

Big pot for batch cooking

Having a big pot in your kitchen is super handy when you want to batch cook. Not only does it mean there will be less to wash up at the end, it also frees you from having to switch between a load of different pots and pans while you’re cooking.

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