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Top Tips For A Healthy Halloween

Top Tips For A Healthy Halloween

While the kids love dressing up and causing mischief at Halloween, parents can often dread the piles of leftover sweets. So how do you insure that you have great fun with your little ones without being the big bad wolf when it comes to the trick or treat bags?

We recommend buying your Halloween treats on the day to avoid temptation, or if that is not an option, be sure to keep them out of sight and up high away from little fingers!

Out of sight out of mind

Don’t be tempted to over buy for trick or treaters; it better to run out then have piles of sweets hanging around the house for weeks! If you find yourself with tonnes of leftovers still, keep them out of sight.

Non edible options

Another option is to pop down to your local arts and crafts or discount shop and stock up on bouncy balls, spider rings, pencils, rubbers, bubbles or stickers to hand out instead of sweets, chocolate and crisps. Not only will this save the mountains of sugary sweets that could be left over, but it will be a fun alternative to keep the little ones entertained throughout the night.

Start off on the right track

Serve a healthy family dinner before the fun begins, so the kids wont be tempted to eat sweets all night long. This healthy Pumpkin Soup recipe is a tasty family meal perfect for your weaning baby too! Batch cook and store using our Family Portion Set for a seasonal treat any night of the week.

Set boundaries

After trick or treating make a big fun game out of sorting all of the loot! Use this as your opportunity to set boundaries on an amount to be eaten that night and what the plan will be for the next few days. Most treats have a long shelf-life. Put the “stash" out of reach and limit your little one to one treat per day. Larger treats, such as full chocolate bars, can be cut into smaller pieces and frozen using a 7-8 Month Weaning Pot. Check out how you can Freeze Chocolate here!

For more information, check out How to be Treat-Wise with your Kids. And remember, have a Happy Halloween!


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