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Weaning Journey - 7 months

Weaning Journey - 7 months

Baby Maeve has moved on in her feeding and is now being offered a good variety of foods, including finger food at most meals. Over the next 2 to 3 months Maeve will play with her food and try to feed herself. Catriona is making sure to allow her to do this by offering a bowl with some of her food. Foods are no longer of a puréed texture, but minced or mashed with soft lumps instead. She seems to be coping well with this. Catriona also introduced a beaker of water which she has managed well.

Baby Maeve:
7 ½ months
Meals/Portions: 3 Meals per day, 7-8 months, 8-9 months Weaning Pots
New Foods: Polenta Chips, Beef, Salmon, herbs and spices

“It's been an exciting month for Maeve as she continues to progress in her feeding skills and experience her first Christmas. Maeve's food texture has completely changed to mashed with soft lumps and she is being offered finger food at most meals. The range of food she has been offered has increased significantly from cheesy Polenta Chips to mashed Christmas dinner.

Maeve has coped well with all the changes. She seems to prefer foods with a lot of flavour such as salmon and celeriac, but most of all she loves the opportunity to feed herself. A noticeable gradual change also occurred with her milk intake as she began to decrease the quantity gradually. As of this week she no longer gets her night feed and she adjusted to this very well.

The next stage for Maeve is starting in crèche! This will be a big challenge for me as I will have to prepare meals in advance. I have stocked up on my Mummy Cooks Weaning Pots and will be batch cooking over the next few weeks. I hope to do one batch cook every weekend to make sure I have enough food. I need to also think about variety and I will be looking at the Mummy Cooks website for lots of ideas on what to cook”.


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