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Save money on Family Staycation

Save money on Family Staycation
Heading off on your family staycation doesn’t have to break the bank. I would really recommend that you look at a self-catering option if you have small children so that you can prepare their food and cut down on the costs of going out for a meal. You really can save money all while having an amazing Family Staycation.

Last week we decided to pick back up where we left off and continue our journey along the County Clare coast. Stopping at Ballyvaughan and Fanore. After a few days of rain in Dublin we were so pleased to wake up to blue skies.

Cycle in Co. Clare
We cycled a total of 27k from Ballyvaughan to Fanore beach and back. The kids were ready to kill us half way but the promise of a pier jump and their favourite dinner helped us get back in one piece. The views were out of this world, stunning.

My Top tips for saving money while on Family Staycation:

  1. Batch cook – ok, ok, I know you are on holidays but if you do the work before you leave you can take it with you and enjoy a few cooking free days. The rules around safely transportation food are as follows:
    (a) Fresh – safe for 3 days. Carry in a freezer bag with ice packs for no more then 4 hours. Transport to a fridge as soon as you arrive.
    (b) Frozen – transport fresh food to the freezer at your destination and then you have it for the week.
    Check out my blog on preparation and storage of baby food for more tips on safely preparing homemade baby food.

  2. Vacuum pack meat – especially if you are camping. I ask my butcher to vacuum pack my meat and it will last about 5 days in the fridge.

  3. Shop – either before you leave or as soon as you arrive and make the food last for the week and stick to your budget. It can be expensive popping to the shop every day as we tend to buy more then we need.

  4. Restaurants – if you want to head to your favourite restaurant the best way to save money, especially if you are taking the kids, is to go for lunch instead of dinner. A lot of restaurants will have cheaper options at lunchtime. 

  5. Picnic - make sure to pack all your lunches and snacks when out and about to save money on expensive restaurants. Our out and about set will help you safely store food while out and about.

    Picnic Family Staycation

  6. Activities – kids are happy so long as you are doing the activity with them. We have got good use out of our bikes this summer. We also love jumping off piers both won’t cost you a penny.

    Family Staycation Activities

If you missed my blog post last week on eating well on your family staycation check it out.

If you are taking your food out and about on your family staycation don’t forget we have our Food Travel Set. Our Food Travel Set comes with an Insulated Food Flask, Hot & Cold pack, Insulated Cooler Bag and Portion Pots. Get yours today!



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