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Get Healthy For Summer

Get Healthy For Summer

With everywhere we look at the moment directed at getting into shape in time for summer, we believe eating well all year round is essential, and the best way to do that is with healthy home cooked food for you and your family. It is not hard to find summer recipes, but avoid adding too much salt and sugar to your summer dinners so they are suitable for the whole family. This also means whatever you cook will always be suitable for your weaning baby!

It can be a struggle to drag yourself away from the summer days and blissfully long evenings to get into the kitchen, so the best thing you can do is a bit of prep now for a hassle free summer of tasty dinners. Check out all about our Top Tips for Freezer Cooking and why you should start today.

The change in seasons is an ideal time to add variety and change what you and your family are eating. Some of our favourite seasonal fruits and vegetables in the running up to summer can be tastefully added to meals for tasty dishes your whole family will love.


Asparagus is a great finger food for your weaning baby and also delicious in our Asparagus and Apple Puree.
We love steamed asparagus or sautéing it in some olive oil with a squeeze of lemon juice and some black pepper! Simply mince, mash or blitz this version to suit your weaning baby's stage.

Asparagus and Apple


Aubergines are a delicious finger food for older babies. Not sure when to introduce finger foods? We have some great advice on Introducing Finger Foods to your Weaning Baby. Aubergines are fantastic in our Mummy Cooks Moussaka! Suitable for your weaning baby from 6 months.


Cauliflower works great as a puree or finger food for your baby. We love adding cauliflower to our Mac and Cheese and our Coconut Chicken Curry for a little extra boost during summer months.


Our Pink Lemonade made from Rhubarb is a great afternoon activity to do with older children. A refreshingly healthier alternative to shop bought fizzy drinks!


Adding spinach to this Vegetable Risotto is a great way to get in some added greens. Sauté it with some onions for a delicious addition to any meal. 


Cucumber is the perfect snack for your baby. Offer it as a finger food with something to dip like hummus. A tasty baby led weaning snack the whole family will love! Try our delicious Pasta Salad too, great to prepare in batches and serve with dinner the next day, or to bring on the go in your Mummy Cooks Food Flask!


Our Red Pepper Hummus is perfect for all of the family to share! The perfect summer dip, ideal for your weaning baby too. Serve with some Homemade Oatcakes and chopped veg for a refreshing baby led weaning snack the family will love.


What better than using fresh juicy tomatoes in our Tomato Sauce? Prep a batch now and keep it in your freezer for nights that you need to grab something quickly!

It is so important that you ensure you and your family are eating healthy and nutritious food all year round – not just in the run up to the summer holidays! Be sure to keep an eye on our Recipe Section as we are always adding new healthy recipes.

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