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5 Baby Friendly Dinner Recipes

5 Baby Friendly Dinner Recipes

Running out of ideas for dinner? If you're tired of making extra meals for your baby or toddler, we always design our recipes to be easily adaptable for the whole family! This saves you time and money in the kitchen and makes the cooking process a whole lot easier.

Give these healthy, delicious and baby-friendly recipes a go next time you're stuck on ideas:

1. Cauliflower and Potato Curry - This dish mixes fresh veggies with fun, tangy flavours that will leave your family wanting more! For baby, add rice from six months and blend. When your baby is ready for more texture, shred meat or mash curry. Find this recipe in my Slow Cooker E-Book

2. Chicken Fajitas - Tasty and flavourful, these chicken fajitas are quick and easy to prepare. Suitable as a finger food for a weaning baby, this is a firm favourite in our house and the kids love the fact they can make up their own fajitas. Find this recipe on our website, or page 112 of my Baby & Family Recipe Book

Chicken Fajitas

3. Beef and Lentil Ragu - This easy and healthy Beef and Lentil Ragu is the perfect hearty recipe for the family that’s full of protein and fibre. This can be offered as a chucky puree from 6 months - blend the beef and lentil ragu sauce and offer to baby as a puree. This recipe can be found in my Batch Cooking E-Book

Beef and Lentil Ragu

4. One Pot Vegetarian Lasagne - This delicious 25-minute one-pot vegetarian lasagne could not be easier to make! So full of flavour, this dish is bound to please even the fussiest of eaters. Offer as finger food and let baby self-feed from 6 Months +. Blend sauce by itself and offer as puree if baby is not ready for texture.

One Pot Vegetarian Lasagne

5.Sweetcorn and Courgette Fritters -The combination of sweetcorn, courgette and cheese makes this a delicious finger food meal for your baby, and indeed the whole family! They are slightly crispy on the outside and bursting with fresh familiar flavour. These pair really well with a homemade tomato sauce.

Sweetcorn and Courgette Fritters

Find over 100 more baby friendly recipes in my Baby & Family Recipe Book and in our range of eBooks. Don't forget, you can still get THREE of our eBooks for the price of TWO!


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