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When starting to wean do you have to do the same food for 3 days?

When starting to wean do you have to do the same food for 3 days?

The guideline of introducing one new food at a time for three days is a traditional method to watch for potential allergic reactions or sensitivities in babies. The idea is that by waiting for three days before introducing another new food, you can better pinpoint the cause if your baby shows any signs of an allergy or intolerance.

However, its not likely that your baby will be allergic to fruits and vegetables so we assume this is the case and move forward with the introduction of new foods at every meal - avoiding the allergenic foods listed below until around six months. Having as much variety can be more important as you move through the weaning process. 

Remember, when introducing new foods, it's also a gradual process. Start with easily digestible and single-ingredient foods, like mashed fruits or vegetables, and gradually introduce a variety of foods over time. Keep an eye out for any signs of allergic reactions such as rashes, vomiting, diarrhoea, or breathing difficulties. If you notice any concerning symptoms, consult a healthcare professional promptly.

Here is a guide on first food introduction from 5 months - 6 months of age. For a full guide check out our Portion guide FREE with our Starter Weaning Set of pots: 

  • Day 1 - 6  Single purées of fruit or vegetables.
  • Day 7-14 Mixed purées such as Pear & Parsnip 

Here is a list of allergenic foods that we avoid until your baby is at least six months of age. Refer to our guide on introducing allergenic foods contained within our Weaning Academy Courses

Allergenic foods:

  • Dairy; Cows milk, cheese, yogurt
  • Nuts; peanut, cashews, almonds etc
  • Gluten; pasta, bread etc
  • Egg
  • Fish

Mixed First Recipes:

Melon & Avocado Purée 

Apple & Swede Purée

Sweet Potato & Apple Purée

Peach, Raspberry and Quinoa Purée 

Our Weaning Advice page provides information and advice on weaning your baby. It includes recipes, tips, and articles on a variety of topics related to weaning, such as introducing finger food, adding herbs and spices to baby food, and healthy snacks for your baby, and lots more


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