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Travel with a Young Child

Travel with a Young Child

Travelling with kids can be a fun adventure when you have the right food on hand to keep everyone happy and healthy. With a bit of preparation and some tasty snacks, your family trip can be enjoyable and stress-free.

Preparing for the Trip

Prepping Meals and Snacks for your journey

Depending on the length of the journey or flight, you may need to pack two meals along with snacks for your young child. The rule with food is that it cannot be kept outside the fridge for more than 2 hours, so I like to bring hot meals in our Mummy Cooks Food Flask which will keep your little one's food hot or cold for up to 12 hours. I also like to include some healthy snacks, especially if it’s a longer journey. Planning ahead is key to avoiding hunger-induced meltdowns and unhealthy food choices. Involve your kids in meal planning to get them excited about the trip.

Packing Smart

Pack essential food items that are easy to carry and non-perishable, like crackers, dried fruit, and your favourite snacks. These can be stored in a portion pot, or airtight container and can be used throughout the trip. This is especially handy for fussy eaters, if the local cuisine is very different from home.

Snacks for the journey

Healthy snacks are great for road trips or when on a flight. Here are some snack ideas that your little one is sure to love. These snacks are nutritious, easy to eat on the go, and can be stored in Mummy Cooks Cooler Bag.

Here are snacks I recommend making: 

At Your Destination

Exploring Local Cuisine

Introduce your kids to local cuisine in a fun way. If you’re going to an Italian restaurant, try similar dishes at home first to get them used to new flavours. Look for child-friendly restaurants that offer familiar foods like pasta and breadsticks.

Self-Catering Tips

When staying in self-catering accommodation, plan simple meals that you can easily prepare. I Shop at local markets for fresh ingredients, to prepare meals to take out and about for the day. Check out the Mummy Cooks Food Travel Set which includes everything you need for feeding on the go and keeping food safe.

At Mummy Cooks, we know that traveling with young children can be a challenge. That's why we've put together a collection of our most popular travel advice for families in our Out and About Travel Advice page. Whether you're preparing for a trip, looking for tips on feeding your child while on holiday, or trying to figure out how to eat out with toddlers and young children, we've got you covered. Check out our articles for all the information you need to make your next family holiday a success

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