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Time to Start Weaning and Taking a Holiday

Time to Start Weaning and Taking a Holiday

Are you planning on taking a trip and it coincides with when you start to wean your baby? We often feel ready to take a trip around the six-month mark. I don't think it should interfere with when you start to wean your baby. 

Scenario 1: Baby is five months of age and the holiday is booked for when baby is six months. Rather than waiting until after your return, I would advise you to start to wean your baby at five or five and a half months. Holding back on offering allergens until you return home. Texture can be added while on holidays and you can build up to 3 meals a day before you go. 

Scenario 2: Baby is six and a half months and going on holiday. At this point, you will have started to wean your baby and it would be good to have completed the two weeks of allergens before you go on holiday. At six months you can also introduce some more texture and finger food. 

As this is a very frequent question I asked one of our followers if we could follow her baby's weaning journey while on holiday. Here is Hannah's journey told through her Mum Laura. Laura stayed in an apartment which was part of a hotel complex so she got use of the buffet breakfast as well as a kitchen in their room. 

'A few weeks before our Holiday, Hannah had started her weaning journey. I was a little apprehensive traveling aboard at this stage of her wearing journey! At this stage Hannah was just on runny purée.

Journey - our flight was 4 hours so after feeding her breakfast at home I needed one meal during the flight. I had made a batch of Mummy Cooks pear and parsnip purée so I heated it in the 2oz pots from our Starter Weaning set and popped it into our preheated Mummy Cooks flask.  We had no problem taking it through security which was a relief. 

feeding a baby on a plane

Pool/ beach - I brought along her blender on holidays and made a few different recipes during our stay. During our stay I introduced foods like avocados, tomatoes, peach’s, sweet potato and beetroot. I didn’t introduce any meat or fish on holidays.  At the breakfast buffet I gave her finger food like pancakes and soft fruit. 

Feeding a baby at the beach

Restaurants- I prepared her food in the apartment and brought it out with us in her Mummy Cooks food flask.
On day trips I did the same, the food always stayed hot and fresh.

My best tips: Staying at an apartment accommodation so that you have a kitchen to prepare food. We used the Mummy Cooks food flask a lot and inserted the 2oz pot.

Laura & Hannah xx


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