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Sample Schedule for Feeding a 6 Month Old Baby Solid Food

Feeding schedule for baby, puree

It's good to start a feeding schedule for your baby as soon as you begin the weaning process. This is because we don’t want to deplete the milk too fast. If you have started before six months you will have built up slowly to three meals a day. If you haven’t and you are only starting at six months then that’s ok. I would aim to be on three meals a day by the first week. 

It is important to note that every baby is different and may need to eat more or less than this. If you have any concerns be sure to talk to your doctor about your baby's feeding schedule.


How to build to 3 meals a day:

Meal 1 - introduce this when your baby is most content, usually an hour after their mid-morning milk feed. 

Meal 2: After 3 days when your baby has got used to the first few spoons of purée you can add in the second meal. This is usually the breakfast, making sure it's an hour after their morning milk feed. 

Meal 3: The last meal of the day is around 5 or 5:30pm. It's their second dinner and does not need to contain the protein. 

Check out my fully detailed schedule here 


Sample six months schedule (remember you are just building in a schedule and it might not happen until later around 7 months). 


Morning (around 7 AM):Milk Feed 

Plus 1 hour (leave a gap of at least an hour between milk and food)

  • Breakfast: Offer a 2oz/60ml portion of cereal with fruit either puréed or mashed depending on your baby’s ability. 

Mid-morning (around 10-11 AM):Milk Feed

  • Dinner 1 (around 12-1 PM): At six months you can start to add some texture with meat, fish and pulses. 

Afternoon (around 3-4 PM): Milk Feed

  • Dinner (around 5/5:0 PM): a second dinner such as a vegetable purée

Before Bedtime (around 7-7:30 PM): milk feed 

Remember, every baby is different, so it's important to watch your baby's cues and respond to their needs. 

Our Weaning Advice page provides information and advice on weaning your baby. It includes recipes, tips, and articles on a variety of topics related to weaning, such as introducing finger food, adding herbs and spices to baby food, and healthy snacks for your baby, and lots more



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