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50 School Lunchbox Ideas

50 school lunchbox ideas

I have been making and researching lunchbox ideas now for over 10 years. I still make my girls a lunchbox and love to come up with new ideas to make it interesting. I published my Lunchbox Made Easy Recipe Book in 2019, and it has become a staple for many parents as they prepare for a week of healthy lunches. 

I wanted to document all of the recipes I have made over the years in one blog so that you can see all the different options available both on my website, in my lunchbox book and various eBooks. Here we go…

  1. Cheese Scones with fillings of your choice
  2. Pesto & Feta Puff Wheels
  3. Vegetable Egg Muffins
  4. Apple, oats and blueberry muffins
  5. Apple & Banana Muffins
  6. Ham and Cheese Muffins
  7. Dough balls
  8. Focaccia Bread with mozzarella cheese and tomatoes
  9. Banana Bread
  10. Blueberry Bread
  11. Lemon Bread
  12. Roasted Red Pepper & Sweet Corn Pasta Salad
  13. Cucumber, Tomato and Basil Pasta Salad
  14. Tomato & chickpea pasta salad
  15. Homemade Coleslaw with ham and cheese
  16. Fruity Couscous
  17. Sandwich kabab
  18. Smoked salmon and cream cheese pinwheels
  19. Veggie tortilla roll-ups
  20. Chicken Quesadilla's
  21. Mozzarella pesto melt sandwich
  22. Tuna & Sweetcorn Sandwich
  23. Omelette wrap in a food flask
  24. Smashed Chickpea and roasted pepper sandwich
  25. Chicken and Avocado focaccia
  26. Mediterranean pita pocket
  27. Quick Bolognese & spaghetti
  28. Pasta with Marinara Sauce
  29. Easy Peasy Tortellini with Alfredo sauce
  30. Macaroni, Cauliflower and Cheese
  31. Tomato and Mascarpone pasta sauce
  32. Easy Carbonara Sauce
  33. Pasta with spicy tomato sauce
  34. Tomato Salsa & crispy tortilla
  35. Basil & Courgette Pesto pasta
  36. Red Pepper Pesto pasta
  37. Avocado Hummus with cucumber sticks
  38. Classic Hummus with carrot sticks
  39. Spicy bean and carrot spread on pitta
  40. Smashed Chickpea spread on wholegrain bread
  41. Soups - store in your pre-heated food flask. Sweet Potato & Carrot Soup, Pea and Mint Soup, Chicken Soup, Carrot and Lentil Soup, Chicken Noodle Soup, Kid Friendly Gazpacho, Hearty, Vegetable Soup, Curried Parsnip & Pear Soup, Curried Cauliflower Cheese Soup, Curried Butternut Squash.
  42. Cheesy Courgette Mini Muffins
  43. Courgette, Carrot & Ricotta Muffins
  44. Broccoli & Cauliflower Mac n Cheese Muffins
  45. Spinach & Feta Muffins
  46. Super Greens Muffins
  47. Pumpkin & Parmesan Muffins
  48. Bacon & Spinach Muffins
  49. Cauliflower Cheese Muffins
  50. Spicy Salami, Red Pepper & Feta Muffins

You can find recipes like this and more in my Lunchbox Made Easy Recipe Book, Muffin eBook and Flask eBook


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