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Dental Care for your Baby's Teeth

Dental Care for your Baby's Teeth

From the very first tooth it's important to take care of your baby’s teeth. According to Dr Abigail Moore, Paediatric Dentist, if there is a tooth there then it needs to be brushed. Even if you haven’t started to wean your baby onto solid food you still need to look after your baby’s teeth. 

I was delighted to have Dr Abigail, a family friend and dentist to my girls, in the Mummy Cooks kitchen as part of our Academy shoot to talk through how to take care of your baby’s and toddler's teeth. Abigail also talked us through teething, the use of soothers and thumb sucking as part of the Academy. If you would like to find out more about this check out our on-line Academy


Dental Care for your baby from Six months:

  • As soon as you start to wean your baby, clean their gums or teeth (if they have them) with a clean muslin or a finger toothbrush.
  • Introduce toothpaste after 1 year (at around 1000ppm) and then increase to 1450ppm after 2 years
  • Remember your baby does not need teeth to move on with texture. Teeth are there to help tear food and are underneath the gum, so their gums will create the same action. 
  • Stick to offering foods at meal times rather than throughout the day as this can cause tooth decay. 
  • Only offer water or milk as a drink. Avoid fruit juice as this is high in sugar and can cause tooth decay. 
  • Dried fruits aren’t great as they stick to the teeth, so avoid raisins unless they are in a recipe. 
  • Try to wean off the bottle after 1 year and move onto an open cup or beaker. Avoid feeding through the night as this will decay your child’s teeth. 
  • If using a sippy cup don’t allow your child to use it for a prolonged period - even if you are just giving it to them with water as it will affect the position of the teeth as they come through


Abigail operates a referral based private practice limited to paediatric dentistry at the The Hermitage Medical Clinic.  

Abigail is dedicated to child dental care, both in limited practice and in educating students. She is actively involved in teaching, lecturing and frequently travels abroad to ensure up to date skills and techniques to offer her patients.

Outside work Abby is a busy mum of 3 lively children so understands well the perils of trying to brush little teeth!! Learn more about Abigail on




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