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Weaning Journey Preparation 2

Weaning Journey Preparation 2

We were delighted to have Catriona and Baby Maeve join us last week for our baby weaning class. Catriona has now kindly offered to share her story as Baby Maeve embarks on her baby led weaning journey. Over the next weeks we will be exploring how baby Maeve and mum Catriona get on with the weaning process. Mummy Cooks will be on hand to offer recipe ideas and advice. Here is part 2 of their weaning preparation.

Baby Maeve: 4 months 3 weeks
Started solids: No (preparing to start).
Bottles per day: 5 x 7oz

"After attending a Mummy Cooks Weaning Class I feel I can ‘hang up’ the books on weaning as Siobhan saved me from all the confusion and contradictions between books. Her two hour class was excellent and has boosted my excitement and confidence in weaning Maeve. Siobhan covered everything and even answered my questions about gluten as this is an area I have to be particularly attentive to due to my husband being coeliac. She even talked about food hygiene in relation to freezing, an area we all covered sometime ago in our home economics classes! The rest of the family will not be neglected either as they will also get to experience new tastes. Siobhan showed us how you can cook a Chicken Curry suitable for all the family (not for Maeve until about 6/7months). We all received about a week's worth of baby food and it is now in the freezer ready for future use"

On the day Siobhan prepared the following (they all tasted delicious):

Coconut Chicken Curry
Butternut Squash and Lentil Purée
Apple, Prune and Cinnamon Puree

So I have decided to start Maeve on carrots. To get it to the right consistency I am going to add her milk.
I will take a video for you to view next week regardless of how it goes. Wish me luck!

Follow Baby Maeve's weaning journey here:

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