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Tips for Packing a Healthy Lunch Box

Tips for Packing a Healthy Lunch Box

We all want to make sure we are packing a healthy lunchbox for school every day. However, it can be a struggle to continuously think of healthy lunch ideas for your kids, especially during the crazy morning rush out the door. It can also be daunting to think that your child is away from you at school, and you can no longer encourage them to eat their lunch. How can you ensure that you are sending them off with a healthy school lunch that they are guaranteed to eat? Here I give you my best advice and some helpful ideas for packing an tasty and nutritious packed school lunch every morning. I promise you that creating balanced meal can be easy, and even fun, once you follow these top tips!

Variety is important

The key to packing a healthy lunch box is variety. It can be easy to just provide the same old sandwich and cereal bar every day, but unfortunately, your little one's lunch won't always be a balanced meal. A variety of nutritious foods that frequently change is much more beneficial. By doing this, your child's taste palette is expanded, and they are less likely to fall into picky eating habits. New colours, tastes and sensations from a variety of food groups also means that lunchtime is exciting and surprising.

This is why my lunch set come in four different sizes. I wanted to ensure that it would be easy for mums to pack a balanced, healthy school lunch in your little one's lunch bag every single day.

Always batch cook and use your leftovers

I don't expect anyone to get up at the crack of dawn to cook a meal from scratch for their child's lunch box! That would be unrealistic.

Instead, batch cook meals to freeze and store. This tip has completely changed the way my family eats. It takes the stress out of creating healthy, homemade meals every day and guarantees that there is always nutritious, homemade food on hand. I consistently advise this method when preparing family diners, but it will help you with school lunches too. For example, make some Spaghetti Bolognese for your family, and simply save a little bit extra for your child's school lunch. Meal prep and batch cooking really makes it that easy!

My Lunch Set with Flask combo comes with a food flask that will keep leftovers warm during the school day.

How to pack a school lunch

I suppose many of you are wondering, when I talk about a balanced, healthy lunch box, what exactly do I mean? I advise that you use my lunch set as a guide and make sure you choose from each food group; a protein, a starch and a fruit and/or vegetable. Fill each pot with four different, nutritious options and this will guarantee that your child is benefitting from all food groups. In the largest pot, pack a healthy wrap or use to food flask to store soups and pastas. Then, it is vital your child gets a portion of fruit or vegetables. Snack time at school is a great opportunity to give them one of their five a day as they will be hungry and eager to try. Pack another healthy snack for added variety, such as a healthy muffin, another different fruit portion or yogurt -the options are endless! Use the final, smallest pot  for fun extras, such as a dip for the vegetables or granola to sprinkle on the yogurt. Little touches such as this makes the meal exciting, and gives them some control in their lunch.

The Mummy Cooks Lunch Set contains twenty pots in four different sizes. For a limited time get one of four fun lunch bags to go with it!

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