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The Importance of Portioning when Weaning

The Importance of Portioning when Weaning

Through my weaning classes I have learned that the most stressful subject facing a first time mum when starting to feed her baby solid foods is how much to feed. If you are planning on starting to wean your baby onto solids before 6 months, it is so important not to decrease the milk intake. Our Weaning Pots are perfect when starting to wean your baby, moving towards 3 meals a day by 6 months of age.

Portioning your baby’s food is very important for many reasons, and it can really help calm new and second-time parents when it comes to weaning. The Starter Weaning Set is perfect for portioning for a successful weaning journey up to their 1st birthday.

Why portion?

A Guide for Parents: Portioning your baby’s food benefits both parent and baby. By portioning each weaning meal, you can help to relieve the stress often associated with weaning. Our portion guide will help you understand what you should be feeding, and how much, depending on your baby’s age.

More Variety: When portioning your baby’s meals, it allows you to increase the amount of variety in their diet. If your baby happens to still be hungry after finishing their portion, you can offer a different finger food or a healthy dessert which differs from the meal they just had.

Reduce Waste: Your time is precious, and so are your home cooked meals. By storing any leftovers or batch cooked meals in single portions, you will ensure that you only remove what you actually need from the freezer.

Healthy Habits: By starting to portion your baby’s food from the start, you are more likely to continue this habit when your baby reaches their toddler years. By getting into good habits and portioning their meals from the start, you will be able to keep up with portions as they grow.

Stay on Track: As your baby grows, they require more food and energy for their rapid development, especially during toddler years. Our Toddler Set is perfect for keeping on top of your baby’s rapid growth from 12 months on.

Mummy Cooks Portion Guide Printable PDF

Mummy Cooks Weaning Pots - BPA Free Containers for your baby's food

For each stage of weaning we have the perfect portion size for your baby. Our Starter Weaning Set gives you five sizes and ten of each size so that you will have enough pots to bring you through each stage of weaning.

Starter Weaning Set: 50 pots and lids - 5 sizes

Weaning from 4-6 Months:
10 x 4-6 Month (30ml/1oz) Weaning Pots

Weaning from 6-9 Months:
10 x 6-7 Month (60ml/2oz) Weaning Pots
10 x 7-8 Month (90ml/3oz) Weaning Pots
10 x 8-9 Month (120ml/4oz) Weaning Pots

Weaning from 9-12 Months:
10 x 9-12 Month (180ml/6oz) Weaning Pots


Our portion pots act as a reference to what or how much to feed depending on your baby’s age. Offer the guided amount but try to be sensitive to your baby’s appetite.

Every child is different and babies and young children listen to their own body’s when it comes to how much they eat. Parents and childminders alike should consider this and try to recognise when the infant is full. Not every meal or snack has to be finished!

By offering several chances to eat each day, you will give your little one the best opportunity to get the nutrients they need.

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