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Portion Control And Weight Loss

Portion Control And Weight Loss

A Mummy Cooks portion pot and Weaning Pots fan story!

It is always great to hear stories of the different ways mums use their Mummy Cooks Portion Pots and Weaning Pots. They can range to anything from carrying creams while on holidays, storing loom bands to portion sizes when on a diet. Our storage pots range comes in 10 different sizes so as well as helping Mums figure out portion sizes for their baby, they are also useful when portioning food for yourself and your children.

We met up with Sarah who had used our Weaning Pots when she was weaning her baby boy. Sarah lives a healthy lifestyle and prepares homemade food everyday. However, her problem is portion sizes and the amount of food she is eating. She selected our Family Portion Set, which gives you 4 sizes; 5 each of  Toddler (8oz), Child (12oz), Adult (16oz) and Double Child (24oz) Pots. All our products are BPA free and safe for use in the freezer and microwave. Sarah kindly did an account of her weekly portion control diet for us:

Using our Pots for Portion Control

“It's January and time for the dieting to start! I mostly lead a healthy lifestyle and I don't eat processed food, I cook everything from scratch and my diet has very low gluten and dairy. I do have the occasional sweet treat but never to excess. But despite all this I still can't lose weight. For me it is portion sizes, it’s not so much about what I eat but how much I am eating.

I decided to search the net for containers to help me plan ahead but store food in portion sizes ready for the week ahead. I had used Mummy Cooks Weaning Pots when I was weaning my little boy and had heard they had larger sizes. Don't be fooled by the name, these pots go right up to a Double Child portion pot size and I love the fact they all have the same lid!

Preparation is Key

Preparation is key to any weight loss so Sunday is my meal prep day. I plan my week and monitor portion sizes using my Mummy Cooks Portion Pots and I use a fitness plan app to help monitor my calories. Firstly I prepare and store some lemon juice to have first thing in the morning to get my metabolism working.

I weigh out my porridge and soak overnight using a 9-10 Months Weaning Pots. I prepared some vegetables soup using fresh chicken broth and storing this in my Mummy Cooks Toddler Portion Pots for the week ahead. And to curb the 11 o'clock slump, I made a batch of juices. They will give me the sugar boost I need and it will also add to my 5 a day! I also use the containers to carry mixed nuts, seeds and raisins when I am out and about. For dinner, I changed the size of my plate to help decrease my portion and I try not to eat after dinner.

I always knew I needed to tackle my food portion size and for me Mummy Cooks Portion pots are a fantastic solution, which allows you to prepare your food in advance and know that you are getting the correct portion size. By preparing my food and storing it in Mummy Cooks Portions pots I just measure out my portion once and I have my healthy food ready for the week. It’s great not to find myself in a shop hungry, instead I just grab and go!

So after a week and a half of my portion control diet I have lost 4 pounds. Yippee I’m delighted and I feel great!"

Thank you Sarah for your account!

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