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N-T of Starting Big School

N-T of Starting Big School

Last week we explored the G-M of Starting Big school and covered using an ice pack to keep food fresh, how to keep encouraging your child to eat their lunch, delicious granola bars and smoothies for the lunchbox, and batch cooking muffins as a healthy snack. 

This week we are discussing N-T of starting big school. 

N is for Noodle Soup - There's nothing quite like a comforting bowl of noodle soup. Your child will be delighted when they open up their food flask at lunch break to find this yummy dish. Find the recipe in my 20 Flask Recipes eBook. Each of the featured recipes have been created to help you send in nutritious, homemade hot or chilled meals to school.

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O is for Open & Close - It's a good idea to take the time before the new school term to sit down and do a 'mock lunch' with your child to practise opening and closing their food flask or lunch bag. It will also help them to gauge how much time they have to eat their school lunch. Find more great advice in our 'Starting Out at Big School' eBook, free with all purchases of Lunchbox Made Easy recipe book. 

P is for Positive Talk - Starting school is an exciting time, but it is not unusual for your child to be feeling anxious. Take the time now to talk to your child about all the great things they will be doing at school, like making new friends, great new teachers, arts & crafts and PE. 

Q is for Quick Recipes - A smooth running morning is the perfect morning! Take the stress out of planning school lunches by having a stash of recipes to hand. My 20 Flask Recipes eBook is packed with delicious school lunch ideas and a 2 week lunch plan to get you started!

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R is for Red Pepper Pesto - Pesto is an ideal side for any snack and are a really easy way to get more vegetables into your child's diet. You'll find a host of yummy pesto recipes in my Lunchbox Made Easy recipe book!

Starting school advice

S is for Starting Big School - For those of you with little ones starting 'Big School' this September, you can find all the advice you need in my 'Starting Out at Big School' eBook. With recipe ideas, feeding advice and advice from Sandra Byrne from 

Starting school advice

T is for Test Recipes - Children like the familiarity of home and sending in a lunch you know they like and are familiar with will help ensure that they eat up all their lunch! Test out a selection of recipes before school term begins and involve your child in the process. You can find over 100 recipes in my Lunchbox Made Easy recipe book plus lots of feeding advice and meal plans! 

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